Weekend Writing Tips: Karin Baine

As So You Think You Can Write 2015 gets underway, this weekend we have Harlequin Medical Romance author (and SYTYCW 2014 finalist!) Karin Baine in the SOLD blog hot-seat! Hear her SYTYCW experiences and get her top writing tip!

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11 replies on “Weekend Writing Tips: Karin Baine”

Hi Yvonne,

I have a lovely nurse friend who proof reads to make sure I’ve got the medical detail right! 🙂

A friend might be better. While my sister shares her anecdotes with me an keeps me technically actuate, she says away from reading the full manuscript.

Love your stuff!,

Oooh lovely to ‘see’ you in person,Karin! Great tip and one that it’s taken me months to realise as I stagger towards the end of my book. Xx

Hi Maggie,

I was so nervous stepping out from behind the keyboard lol

Yeah, that final tip took me rounds and rounds of revisions to realise!

Good luck with your book xx

It’s great to have tips from a SYTYCW 2014 finalist, Karin. Thanks! 🙂

Here’s the link to my #SYTYCW15 #Desire @wattpad entry:

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