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What is Harlequin Series?

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a published author since you first discovered romance novels, you’ve come to the right place.

This set of videos and resources is designed to help romance writers understand what Harlequin Series is, and the wide variety of romance stories Harlequin publishes. Get advice straight from Harlequin’s experienced editors on the key elements of each romance line, tips on catching their eye, and how to submit your story for consideration. We hope these resources help you reach your writing goals!

Once you’ve found the series you want to target, check out the step-by-step guide on how to submit your story to Harlequin and read the FAQs.

A diverse community of romance readers enjoy stories about falling in love. Harlequin is committed to publishing diverse and inclusive voices so that readers see themselves reflected in the stories we publish. We’d love to read your happily ever after!

Go to Harlequin.Submittable.com to read the writing guidelines for each series and to submit your story.

Why Choose Harlequin as Your Publisher?

Did you know that Harlequin sells two books a minute worldwide? That publishing with Harlequin guarantees distribution of your book across multiple channels? Learn about Harlequin’s unique publishing model and find out the advantages of choosing Harlequin as your publishing partner.

What is a Romance Novel?

Not sure about the difference between a romance novel and a book with a romantic element? You’re not alone.

Which Series are You?

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One of the first questions you might be asking yourself is: Which romance series is right for my voice?

Read this fun blog post to discover your Harlequin match or download our brochure describing Harlequin’s romance lines. Watch short video spotlights below to learn what readers expect, and what editors want to see, for each Harlequin romance line.

Spotlights on Harlequin Series

You might be curious about what we publish at Harlequin or where your story fits. We publish 11 different romance series, with 4-8 books released per month within each series, as well as a range of genres in our digital-first imprint, Carina Press


Harlequin Presents

Drama, intensity and outrageously charismatic heroes await you in a world of unimaginable luxury – this is Harlequin Presents!


Love Inspired

Contemporary romance meets faith-based values.


Love Inspired Suspense

Courageous characters facing challenges to their faith…and their lives.


Harlequin Heartwarming

Wholesome, complex and emotionally satisfying romances.


Harlequin Intrigue

Focused on crime-solving, the hero and heroine race against time to figure out a mystery together.



Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Romance against a backdrop of suspense, with ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances.


Harlequin Romance

Relatable, “whisk me away” romances that are all about the heroine.


Harlequin Special Edition

Heartfelt contemporary romance, with true-to-life characters experiencing the twists and turns on the journey to true love.

Harlequin Medical Romance

Dedicated and delectable medical professionals navigate love and relationships in the high-pressure world of medicine.


Harlequin Historical Romance

A romantic escape to the past, from ancient civilizations right up to the 1950s.


Harlequin’s digital-first fiction imprint publishing a broad range of romance across subgenres.