My Secret Crush: Flash Gordon

Having just published her 140th (!) book across several Harlequin series, Rebecca Winters reveals her Secret Crush and how he has influenced her heroes over the years.

My ultimate crush was on FLASH GORDON. I was a young girl when the first serials of Flash, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkoff were on television. I used to cry if I missed an episode after school. For years I moaned that I would never be able to see those serials again. Then the wonder of technology allowed me to buy all three serials. I have them in my den and play them often. They’re wonderful!

Larry Buster Crabbe played the lead role. He’d been an Olympic swimmer and had the most gorgeous blond hair and blue eyes. He saved Dale and the Universe from the evil clutches of the Emporer Ming. He was kind and helped everyone. He was a best friend to everyone. He was super intelligent and brave.

Of course he was a superhero, but I know for a fact I’ve fashioned every hero of mine from the original Flash Gordon. He was honorable. Many of the people writing me fan mail tell me they love how honorable my heroes are, always choosing the right way.

But I did have another crush later on ERROL FLYNN who played Robinhood, Don Juan, Essex. Dashing, exciting, honorable. I could go on and on about him.

Parts of both him and Flash appear in my romance novels. I can’t seem to help it. I guess I was a romantic from the very start of my life.

Rebecca Winters

Thanks Rebecca! We will certainly look for little flashes of both characters in your next 140 books!