Weekend Writing Tip: Elisabeth Hobbes

This weekend’s writing tips come from SYTYCW 2013 finalist Elisabeth Hobbes, who now writes for Harlequin Historical! Read her debut, Falling For Her Captor follow Elisabeth on Twitter, and make sure you check out her blog too.

Enjoy! And if her story of SYTYCW success inspires you, then make sure to enter the #WritingChallenge we’re currently running! XXXX

Happy Writing, and have a great weekend!

The Sold Team x

4 replies on “Weekend Writing Tip: Elisabeth Hobbes”

Huge congratulations on your SYTYCW success – and I loved the tips, especially the *no internet* LOL.
However most importantly I *had* to comment on how much I loved your lovely blog post about Sir Terry Pratchett/Sir Sam Vimes. The latter such a wonderful hero especially when he wants to protect his heroine – despite the fact that she *is* the exceptionally capable – singed hair or not – Lady Sybil! LOL)
Yes, it almost felt as though I’d lost someone I knew when I heard the news – daft, I know.
Amongst my Nanny Ogg cookbooks (oops) and We R Igors, notefilled-diary, I even have two signed copies of Jingo (my boyfriend at the time (1997) knew how much I liked Pratchett’s stuff and ordered me a lovely signed hardback as a surprise – only for me to insist on going to the signing with my already-read paperback version!)
I hadn’t got around to reading A slip of the Keyboard, it now sits on my bookshelf as I haven’t quite got the heart to open it, yet.
A Discworld shaped hole has indeed been left, along with a Sir Terry Pratchett one.

Hi Charlotte,
Thank you for your comment, especially about the Vimes blog post. If I could write a couple half as fabulous as Sam and Sybil I’ll be overjoyed. I felt genuinely distraught when I heard the news. I went to a TP tribute cake and tea afternoon the other week in aid of Alzheimer’s research which felt like a fitting tribute and took along all my signed copies to share around.

Oh a tea party tribute is such a lovely thing to have done, especially your books. It really is such a ruddy awful disease, all round, he did a wonderful job of de-stigmatising it.
Yes, definitely with you on the Sam/Sybil dynamic.
You came across as such a nice person that I’ve just had to purchase Falling For Her Captor (clever old Harlequin/M&B – eh?!) – already chapter 3 and by ‘eck it’s fabulously fast-paced and gripping – LOL
So huge congrats again!

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