Marie Ferrarella’s Ultimate Crush

Harlequin Superstar Marie Ferrarella is melting all our hearts at Romance HQ today with her Ultimate Crush!

recite-10q1bx4My biggest crush was also my only crush. By crush, I am referring to that oh-my-God-I-can-hardly-breathe feeling where your fingertips tingle, your knees feel weak. The room gets suddenly  hot and the whole world actually does fade away.

It only happened to me once and rather than eventually just disappear, that crush grew, changed shape and became something of substance.  In other words, my crush slowly evolved into love. The only man I ever loved not only became my husband, but he also became the basic model for all my heroes.  (Write about what you know, right?). Because people are not one dimensional, I had a lot of different traits to work with.  The brooding hero with a vocal vocabulary of ten words, the wise cracking hero who matches the heroine quip for quip, the serious hero who thinks things through to the last detail, the whimsical hero who just goes with the flow and the kind hero who rescues puppies out of the middle of the street, away from on-coming traffic. These and so many more traits comprise my husband’s many sides. I use those, and yes, some of his less than endearing attributes (he’s not always as patient as I’d like him to be) to flesh out my heroes and define their relationships with the heroines who populate my books. And if you’re wondering, yes, I use him for all the love scenes, too.

After being with him for half an eternity, he still makes the room fade away. Pretty good for a crush, eh?

*Sigh* What a wonderful entry for this week’s Ultimate Crush! Let us know if Marie’s post had you reaching for the tissue box too!