Top Five Reasons We Love Star-Crossed Lovers

By Kayla King, Editorial Assistant to Harlequin Intrigue

From Romeo and Juliet to Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, there are a lot of reasons to love having our hearts torn apart by this timeless trope.

1. There are so many different scenarios in which this trope can occur. It’s been used across species in paranormal romance, between stations in historicals, and very inventively in contemporary—like engaged to one person and in love with their brother.

2. Perfect If you love especially angsty relationships. In extreme cases, these lovers are only united in death. Preferably, we get our happily ever after and a lot of will-they-or-won’t-they along the way.

3. A great way to explore character growth in terms of reconciliation with whatever the obstacle to love is. I think it’s easy to over-simplify who the characters are in this trope, but they can actually be quite complex with the right writer!

4. A tried and true classic with excellent modern adaptations. *clears throat and gestures broadly at the gifs*

5. Perfect catharsis. Star-crossed lovers seem destined to be apart, and seeing them overcome fate itself to be together—well, it’s very satisfying, wouldn’t you say?

What are some of your favorite movies and novels featuring star-crossed lovers? Let us know in the comments!