Top 5 Bridal Tropes to Make You Hear Wedding Bells

By Kayla King, Editorial Assistant for Harlequin Intrigue

It’s June, which is still the luckiest month of the year to get married according to ancient Roman traditions. To get married in June was to receive the blessing of Juno, goddess of marriage and childbirth. Nowadays it’s more about great weather and floral selections, but summer or winter, we love to attend and read about that special celebration of love!

1. Always the bridesmaid…no longer! This one is definitely tried-and-true, but tends to represent some of the more unconventional stories of a bride who might have thought it wasn’t going to happen for her.  See also: always the best man!

2. The jilted bride, or anyone left at the altar. This trope is great for high drama—a devastating betrayal on the “happiest day” that turns around into a Happily Ever After after all!

3. Runaway bride. This is the other perspective of the above.  This bride isn’t necessarily commitment-phobic, and honestly if it feels so wrong that you’re running in the opposite direction, it’s probably best not to go through with it.  She has her reasons and we want to read about them!

4. Mail-order bride. I’ll level with you, this was a trope I wasn’t sure I could love when I first dipped into romance.  But this trope has some of the sweetest, most touching stories.  Love doesn’t always happen at first sight.  And…what if it does when you were expecting a different arrangement?  This trope is definitely worth some exploration.

5. Marriage of convenience. Did I leave the best for last?  That may be a matter of opinion, but this is another long standing favorite trope of ours!  This is a big umbrella trope that covers so many wonderful scenarios that all follow a similar narrative of love appearing where it was least expected, and sometimes least wanted.

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