The Joy of Unboxing

When I was in the office, one of my regular tasks was unpacking the boxes of new books we received to put them on our shelves. To see the books in their final form, knowing all the work it takes to get to this moment, is a delight and that feeling is magnified tenfold for our talented authors who bring these stories to life.

While I miss getting to see all of our lovely books firsthand, it has been a joy watching our authors experience those moments in their own homes. The unboxing video (or post) is a great way to not only capture the moment of holding their work for the 1st time but also to share their new titles with readers. Below are just a few examples from our Harlequin authors:

What Happens In Miami… by Nadine Gonzalez

Harlequin Desire author Nadine Gonzalez puts her own fantastic touch on the unboxing video, introducing her latest book to the world!

The Rancher’s Forever Family by Sasha Summers

Who doesn’t love a swoon-worthy vista and a cute puppy in this cover unveiling from Special Edition author Sasha Summers!

Hot Boss by Anne Marsh

After unboxing, Harlequin Dare author Anne Marsh turned her books into a festive and creative display!

Her Cowboy’s Twin Blessings by Patricia Johns

Adding to the excitement of seeing your book out of the box for the first time, there’s also seeing it on the shelf, like here from Love Inspired author Patricia Johns with Stephanie Dees.

The Paramedic’s Secret Son by Rachel Dove

A photoshoot of her new book from Harlequin Medical Romance author Rachel Dove!

I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as we did pulling them together. As one last note, I just wanted to share the joy of unboxing, as described by above author Rachel Dove, and we hope all of this inspires current and future ideas for unboxings of your own!

When I get a parcel with the HarperCollins logo, it’s such a thrill! Seeing my name and words all put together in the legendary Mills & Boon medical line covers is just unbelievable. Every book is a perfect little masterpiece, and opening the boxes of books, knowing that readers around the world are going to be reading my stories is just amazing. The only downside is needing a lot of shelf space to save my gorgeous copies on! I do feel sorry for my courier, because my squealing on the front doorstep must be a shock!