The Harlequin Dare Blitz Closes Today!

This is your last day to submit your contemporary sexy romance to the Harlequin Dare Blitz and get editorial feedback by May 4th!  

All submissions must be in by Friday, April 20th at midnight EDT.

Here’s a quick reminder of what we need from you:

  • cover letter that introduces you and your book and includes any previous publishing credits, contest wins and affiliations.
  • A synopsis that gives us a rundown of what happens in your book and how it ends.
  • Your complete first chapter!

If we love what we see, we’ll invite you to submit further chapters. This isn’t a guarantee of publication, but upon reading further, we’ll consider acquiring your book or working with you to develop it to its fullest potential.

These romances are fresh, fast-paced, and scorching hot! The heroine should be fierce, the voice should be captivating, and the story should be sexy. For more information and editorial insights, make sure to read all our blog posts during the blitz, check out our guidelines, and follow our editors on Twitter (@kscheibling@flonicoll, and @patiencebloom).

And here are some last minute tips to consider before you hit “Submit”:

  • Can you pitch your DARE romance in two sentences? Make those the first lines of your cover letter. Give us the Who, What, Where: the hero and heroine, the hook, the setting.
  • You’ve given us the teaser in your pitch. In the synopsis, let us know how the story develops and how the romantic conflict plays out—including the ending!
  • Take one final look at your first chapter and proofread. If you have a friend or partner nearby, ask them to take a look for you. A fresh set of eyes may catch typos you’ve missed.

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate! You’ve earned it!




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