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Interview with…Cathy McDavid!

We’re pleased to have New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Cathy McDavid with us today. She’s here to […]

Posted on: October 8, 2018

Interview with…Michelle Major!

We’re thrilled to have Harlequin Special Edition author Michelle Major joining us. She’s here to tell us about her new […]

Posted on: September 26, 2018

Good Pacing, Better than a Solid Pair of Spanx

Truth: Anything that is written has a pace. Just like anything in motion has a pace. And it is always […]

Posted on: August 31, 2018

Writing Romance and #MeToo: 5 tips for authors

by Deirdre McCluskey, Administrative Coordinator, Harlequin Series Romance readers, writers and editors have been talking a lot lately about power […]

Posted on: June 12, 2018

Five Reasons Why Negan Is a Great Villain

by Dina Davis The Walking Dead has had many villains over the past eight seasons, but none have been quite […]

Posted on: April 23, 2018

Five Tips for Writing an Office Romance

By Katie Gowrie Harlequin headquarters is moving! That’s right, we’ve packed our bags and closed the door on one legendary […]

Posted on: March 16, 2018

5 Reasons to Watch Adaptations

by Connolly Bottum Upon hearing that the film or television rights for a book I love have been acquired, I […]

Posted on: February 26, 2018

#WritingChallenge: Write a “DARE”ing dialogue

  We’re celebrating the launch of Harlequin Dare this week at SYTYCW! Our boldest, sexiest romance series yet features fun, […]

Posted on: February 9, 2018

How to Write a Daring Heroine

By: Katie Gowrie Welcome to Dare Week on SYTYCW! If you’ve been following, you know that this week we’re talking […]

Posted on: February 7, 2018

#WritingChallenge: What’s your bad boy hero’s opening line?

Lately at So You Think You Can Write we’ve been all about bad boys and anti-heroes. Love him or hate […]

Posted on: October 27, 2017