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Join Us for the #HarlequinRegency Pitch Event!

Have you been dreaming of captivating readers with a blush-inducing Regency romance? On Monday January 10th from 8am until 8pm GMT, the Harlequin Historical editors will be eagerly awaiting pitches for Regency romances for our Harlequin Historical series. Harlequin Historical is seeking Regency romances that will immerse readers in the drama of this well-loved era. So, if you’ve written a Regency romance, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your story idea by pitching directly to the Historical editorial team!

A great pitch will tell us the key themes of the story, the types of characters and the conflicts they will face in the course of their romance – leaving us wanting to know more!

Here’s how you can participate:

You can pitch your Regency romance on Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter: Awo Ibrahim from the Harlequin Historical editorial team will be monitoring the #HarlequinRegency hashtag on Twitter for your pitches. Follow Awo Ibrahim on Twitter at @_awoabdi for updates.

Facebook: Carly Byrne, editor on the Harlequin Historical Romance team, will be monitoring pitches on the #HarlequinRegency event on the Harlequin Writing Community Facebook group. First, join the Write for Harlequin private group on Facebook (if you’re not already a member) and then select “Going” to the #HarlequinRegency event. Post your pitch (280 characters max) to the event “Discussion” area on January 10th (Carly will be monitoring on this date only so mark your calendars). You can find the event here.

Please choose only one social platform, Twitter OR Facebook, to post a pitch on. Please do not pitch your book on both platforms. Don’t worry, Carly and Awo will be reading every single pitch, so as long as you post it once, they’ll see it!

What to submit if your pitch is selected

If Carly or Awo give your pitch a “like” please submit your first three chapters and story synopsis to under the Historical Romance series. Be sure to include “#HarlequinRegency” in the subject line. 

You’ll find the writing guidelines and word counts for Harlequin’s Historical series here. There is lots of information on the Write for Harlequin website to guide you on what the historical team are looking for, so check it out here.

These Twitter and Facebook pitch events are specifically looking for Regency romances. We welcome submissions from all authors, set in other historical periods, at any time to Harlequin Historical via Submittable.

We can’t wait to see your pitches!