Join our Ask an Editor Anything Webinar on November 3rd!

Have you been anticipating HEA Writing Week? The fun starts TODAY! This is Harlequin’s kick-off to a month of novel writing, for those of you participating in National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as it’s often called).

From November 1 to November 5, we want to help you write your Happily-Ever-After with five days of writing craft tips, activities, and advice from our editors right here on Write for Harlequin.

That includes our Ask an Editor Anything webinar on Wednesday, November 3rd! This is exciting opportunity to learn about romance must-haves and common reasons for manuscript rejection. 

Registration is now open on the HEA Writing Week page.

Be sure to sign up, and visit the HEA Writing Week page to see a full itinerary of this week’s events. Get ready to join the fun and write your Happily-Ever-After! See you there!