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Introducing The Write for Harlequin Romance Glossary

Here on Write for Harlequin, we try to keep our content accessible and easy for every romance writer to use.  However, as with any industry, there may be terms and acronyms that are unfamiliar, even to those who have been writing for a long time.  To pass on our romance writing knowledge, we are excited to introduce the Write for Harlequin Romance Glossary!  

The glossary contains over 100 definitions for commonly used romance writing, publishing, and editing terms.  This easy-to-understand guide provides the essentials for understanding the language of romance writing, especially as it applies to Harlequin and Carina Press.

The glossary is organized alphabetically rather than by subject or category so that you can find terms easily.  You can find the page linked below as well as under the menu “Looking for Authors” on Write for Harlequin.

Romance Glossary – Write for Harlequin

Don’t forget to bookmark the page in your browser for easy reference!