Harlequin Heartwarming Wants Your Westerns!

Harlequin Heartwarming is currently seeking Western romance stories!

Executive Editor Kathleen Scheibling wants you to know exactly what the Heartwarming team is looking for in a Western story that fits this line. Read on for her manuscript wishlist!

I’m looking for:
  • Wholesome Western-themed romances that focus on small towns, family, and community.
  • These Western-themed stories must have hooks! For example, holidays (especially Christmas); main characters with Western professions (cowboy/cowgirl, ranchers, veterinarians, sheriff, etc.); families with babies and small children, etc.
  • Stories with a fresh take on a romance trope: marriage of convenience, friends to more-than-friends, blended families, matchmakers, opposites attract, etc.
Please note:
  • These are sweet romances with very low sensuality, so hugging and kissing only, and please no swearing.
I can’t resist:
  • A reunion romance, especially if it’s a brother’s best friend! (and he better be a cowboy 😊)
My recommended reads for Harlequin Heartwarming:

Have you got a Western romance story for Harlequin Heartwarming?

Visit our Submittable page to read our writing guidelines and submit your proposal. We love to see your stories!