#WritingChallenge: The First Kiss

The Harlequin Romance Blitz opens next week! If you haven’t been reading Harlequin Romance, author Therese Beharrie can tell you why you should be. Near the top of her list of reasons is the setting. In her words,

“A first kiss is so much more romantic when it’s on the hero’s yacht on the Amalfi Coast. A declaration of love is so much more powerful on the top of Table Mountain. Harlequin Romance authors go out of their way to make sure the readers experience the escape of an aspirational setting.”

Your challenge this week? Write a short, 3-5 paragraph scene set in a glamourous location, showing your hero and heroine’s first kiss. Perfect for Harlequin Romance!

Never been anywhere exotic? It’s so easy to travel to faraway lands these days without leaving your couch. A quick Google search reveals thousands of posts and images on just about anywhere in the world. Even better? Download the Google Earth app and take a virtual tour around the globe.

And for tips on bringing your scene to life, check out our post, “It’s All in the Details: Create a vivid setting without getting bogged down”, available in the archive.

Post your First Kiss scene in the comments below anytime between now and Sunday, January 29, 2018, and we’ll check back with you on Monday!