#WritingChallenge: Rivals under the mistletoe

By: Katie Gowrie

This week on SYTYCW we talked about writer’s block. As the holiday festivities ramp up, it can be hard to maintain focus on your writing. It’s easy to get distracted, or just plain stuck. Maybe a particular scene has come to a standstill and you can’t find your way forward. Or perhaps revising your story through the haze of burnout has become a fruitless exercise.

Our advice? Take a deep breath, minimize that draft, and dive into this writing prompt that’s sure to get the creative juices flowing! We’ve raised the curtain on our heroine, who’s just encountered a professional rival under the mistletoe! Your challenge this week: give us the next three lines of this scene.

The last place Melissa Egan wanted to be was at her boss’s Christmas party. Scratch that, the absolute last place she wanted to be was standing under the mistletoe with her rival, Charles Knight, while the law firm staff stared at them expectantly. She’d almost managed to slip away from the damning hanging foliage, but one drunken accountant had already yelled “Kiss!” They’d been caught…

Post what happens next in the comments by Sunday, December 10, 2017, and we’ll give you our top three picks on Monday. Happy holidays!