Welcome to SOLD!

by Loriana Sacilotto, Executive Vice President, Global Editorial

Loriana Sacilotto

Welcome to SOLD!

Harlequin’s new Acquisitions blog is the place for aspiring and existing writers to discover just how to become a Harlequin author. We’re always looking for great new writers. Last year, our So You Think You Can Write contest led to 20% of the finalists being acquired. SOLD! is designed to provide you with the greatest advantage possible in launching your publishing career with Harlequin.

SOLD! will give you the scoop on what stories Harlequin editors are looking for, which series we are most actively seeking editorial for, what editors look for in a new author and other helpful tips to give you the inside track on becoming a published author.

Each week SOLD! will feature new content that offers insight into the inner workings of Harlequin. Initial blogs include spotlights on each of our editors, so you’ll learn a little something about them; series profiles where our senior editors explain exactly what they are interested in acquiring right now; conference updates to keep you informed about events our editors will be attending, so you have the opportunity to connect with them in person; and news about writing contests that our editors are judging.

We’re working closely with the Harlequin Community—another fantastic resource for aspiring authors—and highlighting some of their best posts. These will include topics such as writing tips for creating great characters, pacing, conflict, dialogue, resolution and more; a spotlight each month on Harlequin authors whose debut novels are hitting the shelves; an update on books we’ve just acquired and much, much more.

Be sure to check in with SOLD! regularly to take advantage of all this valuable information. Our hope is that you’ll put these tools and insights to work on your manuscript and that we’ll soon be featuring you in our spotlights on debut novels and acquired authors.