And We’re Off!

Welcome to our first week of Harlequin’s new SOLD! blog!

As we’re ramping up for our So You Think You Can Write contest (officially starting September 17th) and continuing to get enthusiastic, fantastic support for authors through our Harlequin Community site, we thought we’d give a peek of what an editor really wants!

As you may have heard, we think Harlequin is the best place to write for! And because of our intensive publishing schedule, we acquire about four titles each business day. The 50+ editors in three offices (Toronto, New York and London) work with fantastic, dedicated authors, but we’re always needing new projects as well. So this is where we’re going to highlight some of our acquisitions.

We’re flexible—if there are revisions needed let us know!—but we hope to give some insight into the books acquired from our Harlequin series (including digital) programs, and who the editors are, and what the lines are all about.

We’re also going to point the way to some important tips on the Harlequin Community forums where you can meet with other writers, figure out just what appears in a query letter, how to decipher a revision or rejection letter and understand what the difference is between a Harlequin Intrigue and a Harlequin Romantic Suspense, or a Harlequin Heartwarming and a Harlequin Superromance.

We hope you enjoy the posts and use them to make your sale to Harlequin!

So go get reading–and writing!

Harlequin Series Editors


P.S. –We couldn’t resist showing off some of our fantastic new covers. Check them all out!

image--new look of series