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Harlequin Historical Wants Regency Romance!

Have you been dreaming of captivating readers with a blush-inducing Regency romance? Do you have a marquess tempted to leave behind his roguish ways for the deb of the season? Or perhaps, you have a tale of a reluctant duke in a marriage of convenience…only to find himself falling for his bride?! Harlequin Historical is seeking Regency romances that will immerse readers in the drama of this well-loved era. So, if you’ve written a Regency romance, now is the perfect time to showcase your story idea and submit to us!

The development of the romantic relationship needs to be central to the story, against the backdrop of a historical setting. Historical research and accuracy are essential to bring the world to life! Our Regencies are richly textured and filled with details to transport our readers to the glamour and decadence of the period. We are looking for strong and dynamic characters that experience relatable and believable conflicts; appropriate for the time they are set in.

We’re always on the lookout for creative and original takes on classic tropes. Strong heroines are always appreciated – expressing their agency and independent thought, whatever the circumstance. Sexy Regency stories are also popular, and we would love to see a high level of sensuality, alongside a strong emotional connection, in the Regency novels submitted to us. We are still open to a range of sensuality levels in the series, but whether your Regency romance is sweet or sexy, chemistry and sexual tension are vital.

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from underrepresented authors. Underrepresented voices includes, but is not limited to, authors who identify as Black, Indigenous or people of colour (BIPOC), members of LGBTQ+ communities, marginalized ethnic and religious cultures, and people with disabilities and neurodiversity. We are also keen to see a wider range of diverse or underrepresented characters in our Georgian, Regency and Victorian romances, to accurately reflect the UK during these periods. Harlequin is committed to bringing readers a wide range of stories that reflect our diverse society. While we are particularly interested to see Regency romance submissions at this time, we are still always open to romances set in other time periods too.

Please send the first three chapters and story synopsis for review by submitting via to the Harlequin Historical Romance line. Harlequin Historical publishes books between 70,000 and 75,000 words. You can submit your work any time and it will be reviewed by the Historical team. As with all Harlequin series, we read all submissions and you do not need to have an agent to submit.

We look forward to reading your submissions!