Top Five Reasons We Love Highlander Romance

By Kayla King, Editorial Assistant for Harlequin Intrigue

Popular long before the fabulous Outlander series’ TV adaptation created a resurgence in the subgenre, Scottish Highlander romances have always been a staple of historical romance.  Let’s try to pin down some of that ineffable Scottish charm, shall we?

1. Major crossover appeal—I know a number of people who don’t read much historical but have gone all in on Highlander romance. For many, this iconic subgenre is the gateway into fully fledged romance obsession.

2. Points in history that are fraught with peril and intrigue. If the stakes seem high in a Highlander romance, it’s a reflection of actual history.  The Jacobite rebellions created a culture of standing up against impossible odds, and I don’t know about you, but I’m always a fan of the underdog.

3. Beautiful country that’s deeply romantic all on its own—both in historical romance and to this very day. Rugged, breathtaking, ethereal…a perfect setting for a love that transcends time, don’t you think?

4. And it’s that untamed country that creates these fearless alpha heroes. Regardless of their social status, there’s an underlying sense of passion and determination about these men.  What’s the word I’m looking for?  Oh, yes.  Pride.  And pride can be incredibly sexy.

5. Kilts. Kilts. KILTS.

Enough said.


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6 replies on “Top Five Reasons We Love Highlander Romance”

My first published book had a Scottish hero, influenced by the movies Braveheart and The Highlander (orig movie not TV). I love the Scots. My secret? When I was young I went to Europe with my mom and I met a Scottish boy. I am telling you, there is definitely something special about the Scots. That was 1966, waaaay before Scots were popular in books or movies. And I still recall his kiss. 🙂

#5 Definitely kilts. While I maintain that no one rocks a kilt better than Yul Brynnar, Liam Neeson is a very close second.

I get to see kilts at weddings, black tie dinners, graduations and hundreds on match day, like last weekend. I live near the National Football (Soccer) Stadium. Jealous? 😉

I’m ‘staycationing’ in Scotland this summer and I can’t wait! City-dwelling lowlanders have a terrible habit of not venturing North/to the Islands nearly often enough. Two week-long backpacking tours: the Highlands and West Coast; and Orkney.

I’m already working on a paranormal romance set on Orkney (shapeshifters from Scottish folklore) and I can’t wait to in what ways the mountains and glens and lochs and castles and battlefields inspire me. I fell like there’s definitely a Historical waiting to be coaxed out! I’ve seen enough already to know how stunning my country is. And it’ll help my carbon footprint too.

Lucky girl! I wish I could join you! I loved the castles and green everywhere. I lived in CA at the time and they don’t know the color green. Lol.

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