Top 5 Reasons to Feature Food in Romance

By Kayla King, Editorial Assistant for Harlequin Intrigue

Maybe the most straightforward list we’ve done to date.

1. Writing an international setting?  Make sure food is part of the focus.  Pasta making in Italy sounds like a true love story to me!

2.  Or maybe you’re writing something a little closer to home.  Tell us about the bakery down the street from where you grew up.  Sigh.  Perfection.

3.  We all know that food brings people together.  Family, friends, even people who hate each other! This equals a lot of dynamics and personalities to play with.  Every writer’s dream.

4.  And you have to admit, there’s something very sensual about food, too.  Cooking together can lead to quite a steamy scene if you’re looking for ways to spark some intimacy between your characters.

5.  At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with describing something delicious in your book.  We.  Love.  Food.  Looking at it, reading about it, and especially eating it.

*runs off to binge Great British Baking Show*

2 replies on “Top 5 Reasons to Feature Food in Romance”

When I think of food in a scene, I think about Sean Connery. I love to watch that man eat. He is so sensual…esp. in Hunt For Red October. Sort of like wine, he ages well and gets better with every passing year. 🙂 There is also a very old romance book entitled The Lute and the Glove, I think. There was a scene where they ate strawberries/fruit and it was so erotic even way back then. I always try to use food in my stories.

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