Spotlight on Love Inspired

Learn all about writing for Love Inspired in this special video brought to you by Senior Editor Melissa Endlich!

Have you ever wanted to write for Love Inspired? Do you have a romance manuscript you think might be a good fit for Love Inspired but you’re not quite sure?

Meet Love Inspired Senior Editor Melissa Endlich as she shares her thoughts on what makes Love Inspired special. Find out what our readers look for when they pick up a Love Inspired book. Learn about the most popular themes and tropes in the series. Get inspired by title examples that perfectly capture the series promise, and find out how to catch an editor’s eye.

“The Love Inspired hero should be a mix of strong, yet sweet, tough, yet tender. Much like the heroine, kids and dogs should fall in love with him at first sight!”

Love Inspired Senior Editor Melissa Endlich

Ready to learn more about Love Inspired? Watch the video below!

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