Series Spotlight on…Harlequin Nocturne!

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Have you always wanted to write  for Harlequin Nocturne? Here is what you should know!

1. We are Dark, Sexy Paranormal Romance


We publish fast-paced 80- 85k word, action-oriented romances with characters that struggle with life-and-death issues in paranormal worlds. Our books are highly sensual and driven by the story’s romance, not the paranormal element.


2. Variety of Paranormal Characters


From Vampires and Werewolves to Dragons and Jaguars, even a few Druids and Mermaids! We love out-of-the-box paranormal characters!


3. Atmospheric Settings


Whether it is a Louisiana Bayou, a castle in Ireland, a fictional city or the heart of Paris, our readers love stories set anywhere *on Earth.*


4. Strong Alpha Heroes


Powerful, mysterious men who are totally attracted to their heroine and will do anything to be with her.


5. Complex Heroines



Heroines who generate a high degree of romantic tension throughout the story. She usually starts off vulnerable but comes to embrace her powers and strength over the course of the story.


6. Rich Paranormal Worlds


Creative world-building to explain the characters’ back stories and how/why they interact with one another, whether it be hierarchical werewolf packs, or a league of otherworld assassins.


7. Perfect Mix of High Emotion and Action


Strong emotional conflicts that give the hero and heroine high stakes to overcome. And action that brings the reader to the edge of their seat and drive the hero and heroine together leading to their Happily Ever After.


Check Out these upcoming Nocturne titles and more for examples!

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Happy Reading!

The Harlequin Nocturne Editorial Team
Ann Leslie Tuttle, Senior Editor @ann_tuttle
Shannon Barr, Editorial Assistant @EAShannon





8 replies on “Series Spotlight on…Harlequin Nocturne!”

We are constantly checking Submittable for new manuscripts. However due to the volume of submissions, we encourage authors to allow for 90 days for us to respond, so we can properly evaluate the manuscripts.

Happy writing!

I sent two novels to Nocturne three years ago. But right now I’m trying to write for Presents. I know one day I’ll try again to write for Nocturne. I love everything Vampire. From Buffy, to Twilight to Vampire Diaries. I have to finish these two books right now, before I start something new. But so glad you posted this. Oh, by the way, I believe my plot meandered in the other two books and was my first attempt back at writing again. Hopefully my next Vampire book will have more focus.

I have a question though. Are Vampire books still in demand? I was kind of concerned about this. Some of the editors, I thought were heading toward more Werewolf and Shape Shifters. Thank you for your time. And please correct me on this, if I’m wrong.

Thank you for your time.

Nocturne has several books with Vampire heroes or heroines coming up in 2015/2016. We publish 24 books a year, so we like to have a variety of characters.

I love Nocturne and PNR, and I’m going to be competing in the competition again this year under it…but I do worry about the buzz on PNR being dead. Is Harlequin looking at PNR like it’s a “hard sale”? Or is the genre still hot with Harlequin?

And as usual there are no responses from anyone at Harlequin or Carina Press.

You post this stuff to keep us potential writers interested, dangle the carrot.

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