Send us your editorial dilemmas!

Hi everyone,

Do you often find yourself facing the same problems in your writing? Is it always your hero who gets you into trouble? Perhaps it’s thinking of the best way to start your story? Or do you struggle with dialogue? Whatever the issue, the Harlequin editors are here to help!

Send an email to outlining your specific writing problem, then look out for the answer in our new Dear Editor feature – coming soon on the SOLD blog!

Happy writing!

Flo x

One reply on “Send us your editorial dilemmas!”

Hi all
Im writing my second book my first was wrote as an English project at school a long time ago.
My teacher tried to push me to write but I thought he was being nice and put all thoughts away
Till now I have a story burning my brain or so it seems (im even dreaming it)
But I have about 7 beginning having no idea where the best place to start is
I doubt I will ever try to publish it but feel as if I need to at least get it down on paper
Even if it is only to get out of my head
Hope some one can give me tips on where to start
Thank you

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