Reviewing Some Harlequin Podcasts

Although these podcasts aren’t new–and they were mentioned here before–now that you know which series are most interested in new titles, it might worth your while to check them out again. There’s always something new to be learned!

You can subscribe on iTunes or other podcasting areas, and also listen to some older ones for different ideas or thoughts or explanations. Or keep coming back to  our list of the most recent ones on!

Here are just a few you should listen to….

Harlequin Blaze Podcast

Harlequin Heartwarming Podcast

Harlequin Medical Romance Podcast

Harlequin Superromance Podcast

Love Inspired Suspense Podcast

Harlequin Kiss Podcast

And there are also podcasts on some writing tips and discussions available.

Which podcasts do you find most useful? Which ones should we focus on next? Let us know!



2 replies on “Reviewing Some Harlequin Podcasts”

Well, I really loved the Presents one!

Hello ‘home of the Alpha’–it’s a great interactive way to read alongside with the Harlequin guideline for the Presents line, plus I’ve taken notes to pay attention to while reading published Presents titles!

One question asked by editors Carly and Lucy was: why would a 21st century heroine, for instance, be swept up into a marriage of convenience?

So glad you enjoyed it Hana! I always learn a bit more when I listen to them as well. 🙂

I think a MOC is an intriguing thought for the 21st century. Some women don’t think that true love will come to them, or that falling in love will be possible, or feel that the life they have now isn’t what they want. For those women, the idea of making marriage into a bargain or an arrangement with some long and short term benefits makes sense.

It’s a matter of understanding the motivations of the character–what does she think she is giving up and gaining? And what will change her mind along the way?

The Presents authors can usually make me buy into it, anyway!

What do you think?

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