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Ready, Set, Write: A Guide to Writing Sprints

If you’re looking for a new writing routine in 2024, writing sprints may be the exercise for you.

What are Writing Sprints?

A writing sprint is a quick writing session of between 5 and 30 minutes.  The goal is to write as many words as possible, without stopping to edit or re-read what has been written.  This tool can be useful if you’re struggling with writer’s block or a tendency for perfectionism that is stalling your writing practice.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Writing Sprint:

  1. Know your goals: Are you aiming to hit a specific word count? Are you working on a particular scene from a work-in-progress? By setting smaller and more achievable goals, it can bring more inspiration than sitting down at the table with the goal to write a whole novel.
  2. Set a timer or use a video: Set an alarm to signal the end of each block of time or use a video which blocks out the time for you (more on that below!).
  3. Focus on completion, not perfection:  The goal is to get the words out, rather than worry about the final product.  There will be plenty of time to go back and edit, but you can’t edit a blank piece of paper!

The Write for Harlequin Writing Sprint:

Over HEA Writing Week last November, we held a writing sprint that gathered writers on Zoom to write together.  It was so much fun that we’ve created a resource that you can use whenever you want to sit down and write.

Below you can find our writing sprint video with three 10-minute sprints for you to put pen to paper on your current project. 

We hope you find this resource helpful and happy writing!