My Ultimate Crush: Timothy Olyphant

This week’s Ultimate Crush comes from HQN author Lori Foster. Read on to see why she thinks Timothy Olyphant deserves the title of Ultimate Crush!

My Ultimate Crush…

My ultimate crush is Timothy Olyphant. Oh my, that man is one heck of an actor, and he looks real but super hunky, too. Any movie he’s in, I’ll go see, even if it’s a mushy love story, which is my least favourite kind.
LOVED him in A Perfect Getaway. I think that might be my most favourite movie of all time (right next to A History of Violence). His character of Nick was all man, emphasis on the MAN. Sooo good.


I cried when they ended Deadwood. Sheriff Seth Bullock…oh, my, my, my. That man could kick butt like nobody’s business. And be sexy doing it! That dead stare and broke walk… Loved him!










Luckily, after Deadwood ended, Justified started and :::swoon:::. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens. Yes, more butt kicking, and lots of sharpshooting too.

If I was ever to have a book made into a movie, *any* of my books, my first pick for the hero would be Timothy Olyphant. For me, he’s the whole package!

We would definitely go to see that movie! Comment below or tweet @LoriLFoster if Timothy Olyphant is your #UltimateCrush.