My Secret Crush: Oliver Queen

This week our crush comes from Sold! Blog’s own, Shannon Barr, Editorial Assistant for Harlequin Intrigue and Nocturne. She reveals her secret crush on The Green Arrow’s alter ego Oliver Queen!

My secret crush is absolutely Arrow’s Oliver Queen. For me he isn’t just a superhero, he is also the ultimate romantic hero! For those of you who don’t know the story of The Green Arrow or watch the show (Why don’t you watch the show?!?), I will try to sum it up for you…Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy who was stranded on a dangerous island for years and has finally returned home to rid his city of the criminals that have been preying on it, using the archery skills he gained on the island.

Oliver Queen is absolutely an alpha hero. He is not afraid of playing the villain and going to extremes to protect the people he loves. But the show does an excellent job of tempering that side of him with the anguish he feels over disappointing his family and friends.

He struggles with balancing his dual identities, with the choices he has to make as the Arrow to keep the city safe and with, having made those tough decisions, whether or not he can still be considered a “hero.”

It also doesn’t hurt that he is played by the gorgeous Stephen Amell. I think that combination is what makes him such an engaging hero–fans are pulled in by the heartthrob, alpha superhero taking down bad guys and climbing a salmon ladder shirtless, but they (or at least I) really connect with the emotion and moments of vulnerability that he tries to hide from the world.

Thanks, Shannon! This is some great #MondayMotivation to start our week!
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