Series Spotlight on… Harlequin Special Edition!


Recipe for the perfect Harlequin Special Edition

Have you always wondered what ingredients go into a great Harlequin Special Edition? Here’s the recipe for a stellar Special Edition novel:

  1. Start with one sexy hero. Whether he’s a hometown single dad, a big-city billionaire, or a dashing rancher, he’s sure to make the reader – and the heroine! – swoon.
  1. Add in a heroine who complements the hero and balances him out. From small businesswomen to cowgirls, the ladies of Special Edition are smart, savvy, and looking for happily-ever-after – whether they know it or not!
  2. Toss in some family elements. Your characters don’t have to have kids themselves to be looking for a forever family – maybe they’ll find just what they need in each other’s arms! But we do love adorable children popping up in our stories, adding conflict and perhaps even playing matchmaker.
  3. Create a convincing community. Whether it’s a cute canine or funny local shop owner, don’t forget to build a sense of home around your hero and heroine. They don’t have to live in a small town to have a realistic group of friends and acquaintances surrounding them.
  4. Drop in some hooks. From secret babies to surprise pregnancies, cowboy characters or second-chance sweethearts, we love tropes work for all romance readers. Fresh twists on classic hooks are key.
  5. Simmer to ensure the conflict and romantic tension remain on “high” until the end of the book. Of course, the book doesn’t have to start out with the hero and heroine realizing their mutual attraction, but make sure their relationship develops and progresses over the course of the novel.
  6. Check your temperature – and your word count. Special Edition features a wide range of sensualities, from sweet to sexy, in our books. Also, be careful your manuscript doesn’t runneth over. Special Editions typically run between 55-60,000 words.
  7. Top it off with a happy ending! After all, what’s romance without the hero and heroine riding off into the sunset together?

Special Edition Team
Senior Editor: Gail Chasan
Editor: Susan Litman @susan_litman
Editorial Assistant: Carly Silver @CarlyASilver