My Secret Crush: Dr. Jack Shepard

This week on Sold! Harlequin Medicals Editorial Assistant Tilda McDonald reveals her secret crush on Lost’s Dr. Jack Shephard, and challenges everyone not to fall for this dreamy doctor!

My secret crush – no question about it! – is Dr. Jack Shephard from Lost. He’s not just a smoking hot spinal surgeon, he’s an alpha hero to die for and a natural leader, as he shows when he takes charge of a crash-landed group of islanders.

Who doesn’t love a hero who is calm under pressure, keeping everyone going while wielding formidable medical skills to boot? He even operates on his own appendix at one point! Jack’s in the middle of every emergency and saves the world one person at a time, all the while battling his demons from his dark past.

That Dr. Shephard isn’t fazed by even the most (okay, sometimes ludicrous) disasters is crush-worthy enough, even before you take into account his agonizingly will-they-won’t-they relationship with Kate! I spent SIX seasons on the edge of my seat just because I wanted to see the good guy win over the rebel. Now that’s chemistry.

I challenge you not to be won over by this ultimate hot doc – did I mention that being on a tropical island gives Jack the excuse he needs to take his shirt off in just about every episode…?

Thanks, Tilda! We certainly wouldn’t mind be stuck on a tropical island with Jack!

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