Manuscript Match Announcement

Love Inspired Historical is proud to share that we made not one but five calls to offer contracts to brand new authors on Wednesday!

We are thrilled to welcome Angie Dicken, Anna Zogg, Victoria Austin, Mollie Campbell and Evelyn Hill to the team.  All these authors were finalists in LIH’s Manuscript Match pitch event.  And we’re not done reading yet!  So there could be more calls to come.

Congrats to these five authors!  We’d love for you to come join the first sale party here!


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Editors: Emily Rodmell, Shana Asaro, Elizabeth Mazer

Authors: Angie Dicken, Victoria Austin, Mollie Campbell, Evelyn Hill


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Do you have what we’re looking for?  Check our contest page for the latest updates on contests and special submission calls.

The Love Inspired Historical Manuscript Match is going until August 31st.  You can check it out here!

53 replies on “Manuscript Match Announcement”

A hearty congrats to the newly minted LIH authors! You are in for an amazing adventure aboard with an excellent team. Hugs and congrats!

Mega congrats, ladies! Welcome to the Love Inspired team!!!! I hope you’re all happy dancing at this wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best editors and authors in the business… Happy dancing for you!


Congratulations ladies! This is all so exciting. I hope you’re all celebrating and enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

Woohoo! A very warm welcome to the new Love Inspired authors! May you have long and fruitful careers!!!!

This is so exciting. It’s sort of like being the sibling for quintuplets. Welcome to the Love Inspired family. You’re going to love it here!

Congratulations, Angie, Anna, Victoria, Mollie and Evelyn! Welcome to the team! So glad to have you aboard!

Wahoo!!! Congratulations to the new LI authors! I know some of you and look forward to getting to know the others soon! Happy dancing for you all!

Welcome aboard, Angie, Victoria, Mollie and Evelyn! You’ll love working with the Love Inspired team. You’ll be challenged and encouraged and your writing and storytelling will just get better. Enjoy this new, amazing journey.

Congrats, ladies! So exciting. I admire all the research that goes into historical fiction. I will be looking for your books.

I commented as writing mom on the chat boards but I am very pleased to say congratulations and welcome again! You will love being part of the Love Inspired family! Everyone- the editors and the other writers – are so helpful and encouraging. I’m very excited that all of you are joining us on this journey.

I’m thinking there’s lots of celebrating going on! Yabba Dabba! Congrats ladies and really enjoy the day. Love Inspired is an awesome place to be.

Welcome aboard! You’re going to find the LI folks are your new best friends. One of the best group of people around. Looking forward to your books!

Thank you all so much! Getting that call was thrilling, but the excitement from all of you keeps making it better and better!

I felt/feel the same way, Mollie! This community is amazing! Also, I’m such a geek I thought, “Oh my goodness! An email from Emily!!” 🙂

OOPS! I didn’t realize I posted twice. Sorry about that. I’m just really excited for all of you. LOL

Congratulations and welcome, ladies! You’re going to love working with LI. The editors are extraordinary, the work is great and I can’t wait to read your books!

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