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In Conversation with Yahrah St. John

Harlequin launched Afterglow Books, its new spicy romance line, in January. Today, we’re presenting author Yahrah St. John in conversation with editor Stacy Boyd, on writing her latest novel, FREMENY FIX-UP, releasing in February 2024 from Afterglow Books.

Yahrah is a longtime Harlequin novelist and author of 48 published romance novels. She’s passionate about writing and we’re thrilled to have this chance to talk to her about all things spicy and writing for Afterglow Books.

Yahrah, what did you like best about writing Frenemy Fix-Up?

YSJ: I liked that I could write a longer story for Afterglow and take a deeper dive into my hero and heroine’s character development. Being able to write a sexier story and be grittier and less euphemistic when describing the love scenes was a bonus.

Stacy, what caught your attention about this book when you saw Yahrah’s proposal?  

SB: Yahrah is an expert at writing drama and sensual tension, and I loved how she took that expertise to a new and even more flirtatious level, to match the fun and energy we’re looking for at Afterglow Books. The light sports romance twist of a yoga makeover was also appealing!

We want Afterglow stories to reflect real life and the lived experiences of a wide range of characters. The dynamic female friendships plus the physical and mental health issues touched on in Frenemy Fix-Up gave the romance an additional layer of realism.

Yahrah, how was writing this book different from romance novels you’ve written for other Harlequin lines?

YSJ: I liked the freedom that came with writing for Afterglow, and that I could explore secondary characters. Since Frenemy Fix-Up is part of the Six Gems series, I was able to highlight the strong bond of female sisterhood and friendship. The hero didn’t have to be super wealthy, which was a prominent feature of the Desire line where I’ve published many books, he could be flawed, and I like that we see the hero be vulnerable during his health scare.

Stacy, as editor, what aspect of the book did you work on most closely with Yahrah?

SB: Yahrah chose a first person point of view for the book, which gives the reader an intimate view into these characters’ minds. Because all the previous books we’ve done together have been in third person point of view, we worked very closely on this one to create two distinct, active, first person narrators.

Yahrah, this book is about two characters stepping outside their comfort zones. Was there anything about writing it that pushed you as a writer?

YSJ: I usually write in third person so writing in first person required a lot of focus and staying present in the moment. Finding my voice in this new format while staying true to myself and the stories readers have come to love from a YSJ novel.

Stacy, same question to you from an editor’s perspective.

SB: Frenemy Fix-Up is one of the launch books for Afterglow, and through my work with Yahrah and the other authors in the line, I’ve learned so much about editing and revising novels for this new audience! Harlequin series books always include a fantastic romance, and there is room in Afterglow to go even deeper, with layered emotional themes and complex character journeys. 

Thank you, Yahrah and Stacy!

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