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This weekend’s #WritingChallenge is short and sweet – we hope you enjoy!

Your hero and heroine have just met. Give us his most impactful/ funny/ sexy/ intriguing/ eye-catching first line!

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Anna Swan’s eyes gaze moved up from the blue Formica table at Wesley University’s Newton Dining Hall to find dark brown eyes watching her. They are deep and, if she’s not mistaken, there is a longing in that stare.
She tries to swallow but seems to be having difficulty as the man attached to those stunning peepers is none other than Derek Thompson, quarterback of the Wesley Walruses. Normally Anna would not care if a football player, or any sports player for that matter, stared at her but Derek was different.
Where other sports players focused on perfecting the college football stereotype: sex, beer, and anything that involved physical competition; Derek studied and spent his free time being a Big Brother to a local boy off-campus.
He was every girl at Wesley’s wet dream and it helped he was a stunning specimen of a man, with broad, thick shoulders and arms. Derek was tall with high cheek bones that may look feminine on any other man, but seemed to just add to his masculinity. His slightly disheveled brown curls softened his manly appearance and caused Anna to bite her bottom lip.
Anna fantasized for just a moment that Derek, with his super-intelligent mathematician brain and God-like body, took an interest in her petite yet voluptuous body. She may not be super thin like the cheerleaders that hang out with the Walruses but she did like her smile.
Though Anna was not smiling right now. She was in shock. She may know who Derek is but he certainly didn’t know anything about her. Why would he know about some random sophomore who hangs out in the Theater Department and spends her free time highlighting Shakespeare so she can quote him at parties? Not that she goes to many parties.
Anna gasps as Derek lifts his long finger and points to her as he begins to open his mouth. Is he really going to talk to her? Maybe he has noticed her. Perhaps he is just as shy as she is and is finally getting the nerve to ask her out.
She gnaws at her bottom lip again in anticipation of his words. Maybe there is a team party, something formal, that he waited until their second year of school together and two months in to the year to ask her. It’s a possibility.
Oh God, he’s speaking!
“Can I have your taco? I’ve noticed you don’t usually eat your tacos and I’m hungry.”
I guess no formal party then.

So cute. She’s so nervous and then disappointed he didn’t invite her out that she doesn’t process he watched what foods she likes.

Lol, I love the ending. That made me laugh. It makes me want to know when he does finally notice her.

His slightly disheveled brown curls softened his manly appearance and caused Anna to bite her bottom lip….I love that imagery!

Haha, very funny! We like how you crank up her tension levels only to shoot it down with the taco comment!
The SYTYCW Editors x

“I promise I’ll make it up to you, so can you give me a line to pick you up with, because your beauty is really intimidating me.”

Ooh, we like! Flirty but not too predatory, and inviting her to join in – a great line!
The SYTYCW Editors x

(Thought I did this…guess not)

His eyes bored into hers, alight with humor…and heat. “I knew I’d meet my future wife today.”

We like a man who knows what he wants 🙂
Would love to know her comeback!
The SYTCW Editors x

Ryan attended the statutory and compulsory training for health care professionals to network aggressively. The circle of delegates introduced themselves in an infantile game where they composed a limerick about their name, occupation and hobbies. Mainly paramedicals, therapists and low grade administrative grades attended this weekend. He stared out the mullioned window. His heart sank like a stone in the lake He mistakenly believed the luxurious surroundings of Falmouth Castle might tempt senior doctors or managers. If any of them signed up, they already availed of the award winning golf course.
Donna directly across from him recited a cool limerick mentioning her love of creative arts. In her prim navy shirt and white shirt, she obviously didn’t get the memo that people dressed down on these courses. From the last line of her rhyme he gathered she worked as a medical secretary for a maverick paediatrician. She might know something useful. Perhaps he wouldn’t tee off after the conflict resolution module.

With forced cheerfulness, the psychologist introduced her next group bonding exercise. She ordered them to write an personal secret or message on a card and exchange it with a delegate they never met before. He scribbled his room number in Falmouth castle’s historic tower and added.
‘Like Vegas, what happens during compulsory training stays there.
Boycott the fire extinguisher practical and we’ll make our own flames.’

He narrowly kept his card from a ward sister’s determined grap. He walked towards his target and handed her his composition. She read it and quickly altered her own one. With a nervous smile, she pressed it into his hand. She crossed out she watched too much television and substituted it with.
’I don’t gamble with safety hazards but I’ll meet you in the maze during personal life planning.’

He put her card in his folder and nodded. They could brainstorm their own strategies for this dire weekend. Nothing further though.

I loved this character already! And your intro is so “realistic” when it comes to those types of meeting/retreats.

We like the covert nature of their flirting – and if he’s got a great chat-up line, then hers is brilliant too. Much more fun than your average away day with work 🙂
The SYTYCW Editors x

Hanna could feel the packages under her arm start to slip. If one went, they all were going to fall. She was helpless as first one box, and then another, followed by a third slipped from her arms and fell on to the damp pavement.

Lingerie of every shape, style, and colour seemed to jump from their boxes and spread themselves at the feet of her new neighbour, Jason Carmichael.

Hanna quickly bent down, shoving the bags dangling on her arms out of the way as she tried to grab the traitorous garments.

Jason dropped down to his haunches at the same time. Wickedness and mirth warred in he’s grey eyes as he grasped her panicked hands to still them.

He gently began gathering up the silk and lace items and tucked them back into their respective boxes. “It would take a man with skill, talent and endurance to be with a woman like you in clothing such as this.” Jason’s heated gaze met Hanna’s. “I’m that man.”

You sure know how to create a memorable first meet – we really felt Hanna’s embarrassment! Luckily, he seems confident enough for the both of them 😉
The SYTYCW Editors x

Beth couldn’t help but watched Logan as he walked over to where she was seated at the bar.

He was so tall, dark haired and rugged looking. He had the shoulders and chest of a typical rugby player and the scars to prove it. His smile was sexy and his eyes signalled intent as he handed her the glass of ale.

“I have to make a confession,” Logan said as his eyes locked on hers. “I’m a lesbian.”

Good sense of humour and gives the heroine loads of scope to prolong their conversation with a witty comeback.

Ha – he certainly knows how to get a woman’s attention! Really want to know what she says to that!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Beth looked Logan square in the eye and said, “Thank you God, for that!”

Thanks for the fed back Flo!

She had a headache from the grueling day. Dealing with her ex-boyfriend, her father, and her secretary would make anyone get a headache. She should just quit. She didn’t need this stupid job. So many other unsullied opportunities just waiting at her fingertips.

She eyed the bill for the cruise line that she purchased for her and Thomas to take in three months. Oh, yeah, she needed this stupid job like she never needed anything before. The jerk refused to help her pay for the remaining part. Well, if he thought he would be joining her because he helped pay twenty bucks of the bill, he had another thing coming.

“Is this seat taken?” a man with blonde hair smoothed in a slick style, a charming smile, and brown eyes that crinkled with tenderness said as he held the back of the chair next to her.

Mona eyed the man with a cruel frown. The entire bar was free and clear of any patrons but her, and he wanted to sit right next to her. Well, think again, buddy.

“Yes, it is. In fact, I reserved every chair lining the bar.” She turned her head, deciding the best option would be to ignore him, and any other man that ever spoke to her again.

“Hmm, interesting. Considering I own the bar, I don’t recall reserving it out.”

She whipped her head to him, the shock clear on her face. She puckered her brows in irritation when a wide smile emerged on his face. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I do have a bit of a problem, though. I’m going to sit. You’re still talking to me so I take that as acceptance,” he said as he pulled the chair out next to her and sat down. “Decker Thompson, nice to meet you.”

She eyed his hand that he held out; taking a sip of wine as her way of saying, she wasn’t interested, although a tiny smile escaped before she could stop it. “I didn’t give you acceptance. Owner or not, check the books. I reserved this entire bar.” She took another sip until she couldn’t help herself. “What problem do you have?”

His charming smile almost made her insides melt, reminding her of when she met Thomas and he gave her the same reaction. Probably another slick jerk sitting next to her.

He pulled his phone out, pushing it near her. “My phone’s not working. It needs your number to properly work.”

A dribble of wine fell down her chin as she stared at him. She certainly couldn’t have heard him right. She laughed. “That is the dumbest and most cheesiest pick-up line I’ve ever heard. Clearly, you aren’t getting the picture I don’t like men, probably never again.”

“Well, here’s the thing, give me five minutes and I think you’ll see how charming and sweet I am. You’ve already laughed and smiled at almost everything I said. You’re dying to help me with my phone problem.”

He winked at her when he caught her eyes gazing at his phone.

He uses one really poor opening line and when it flops, deliberately follows it with another two. It shows his great sense of humour.
It’s lovely how she reacts, from annoyance to suspicious interest to seriously considering giving him her phone number.

We really enjoyed their little flirtation – he’s great at taking a typical chat-up line but using his personality to put a different spin on it, and handle her feisty come-backs. We predict fireworks!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Thank you, Flo! I appreciate your wonderful comment:) And thank you to everyone else that commented as well. I do enjoy these writing challenges and reading what everyone comes up with.

Witty and upfront about a previous relationship. Also gives scope for directing the conversation into personal matters immediately.

Ah – a classic, but it can work so well! Cheeky and fun, plus you’ve got a love a guy who’s on good terms with his ex 😉
The SYTYCW Editors x

“Is it too forward of me to ask you what’s your ring size?”

Allure titled her head to stare at him with confusion marring her features.
She raised a perfectly arched brow. “Excuse me?”

He chuckled a boisterous sound. So warm. So inviting. It wrapped itself around her and pulled further under the spell his expensive cologne, one she probably could never pronounce, started.

Men like him didn’t go for women like her. Sure the dress she was wearing cost hundreds of dollars and set her behind on her rent. The diamonds, she’d pinched herself after putting them on, were real. The only reason she was there was because she had a job to accomplish. Becoming another notch on the built of some playboy was not the mission at hand. Not when the plan called for her seducing the current owner of Edmonton Ranch, the land that rightfully belonged to her.

So engrossed in her thoughts she hadn’t noticed the man’s extended hand until he cleared his throat. Allure slipped her hand in his and immediately gulped back a gasp as a potent current of awareness shot through her body. Almost turning her insides to jelly.

“You see Ms…”

“Allure,” she supplied.

“Hmmm…perfect name for the perfect woman.” He brushed a kiss on the backs of her hand. “My grandfather, Maxwell Edmonton, once told me to marry the woman who possessed the strength to bring me to my knees. My dear sweet Allure, you have not only brought me to my knees, but you’ve stolen my heart from the moment you walked into the room.”

What a suave hero – love the ‘ring size’ question! For his impassioned speech to really ring true, it might be nice to see more relationship build-up first – but we appreciate the Challenge didn’t give you much room to play with!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Overtaken by the haze that has blanketed the room, she struggles to breathe as she turns yet another corner that seems to lead to nowhere. (The place is more of a compound then a clubhouse.) Yet blindly she paces forward and is filled with relief at the sound of the familiar.
Desperate for air, her hand reaches for the knob but she is stopped mid reach. Cool air puffs against her cheek and it is in that moment she realizes that she is not alone. Unfortunately, however, her moment of surprise is short lived as it is quickly replaced by an ache and fear as a velvety tone laced with steel caresses her ears, “Beware sweetheart, you might not want to see what is behind that door; peddling that innocence as you are you will call to my brothers like blood calls to a Great White.”

Thanks everyone for your fab entries – we so enjoyed the variety and quality of these! You’ve got some great heroes out there!
The SYTYCW Editors x

“Apple?” he asked.
The man pulled the branch down and picked it. He fished the tail of his shirt out of his pants and polished it and held it out to her.
“It’s rosy, like your cheeks.”
It was not what she had expected to happen.
It rained during the night, a downpour that saturated the ground and cleared towards morning. The chill kept her in bed, listening to the drip on the roof and the Sunday morning quiet. Renting rooms at the top of an old house in East Vancouver was a good decision, she decided. Better than sharing an apartment with her friend. This is me, she thought. I am myself, alone.
The house next door looked empty, but there had been a crackdown on squatters since the weather turned cold, maybe this was not a good time to climb a fence into a yard where she had no business to be. She would be quick. The middle child always following her bigger brother had taught her how to hurry. She would get back to her kitchen before she froze from walking in the wet grass.
Vanessa did not see the man. It was barely light outside when he came around the side of the house. He watched her pick up the apples that had fallen from the tree and gather them into an old basket. Windfalls, he thought, she is picking up the windfalls.
Almost all the apples had fallen, but one remained on the tree. The apple was perfect, pale green with a blush of red, like her cheeks, washed by the rain.She looks like Aphrodite, he thought to himself. Try as she might, she could not reach the apple and frustration was causing words to flow out of her mouth.
He could have thought of something better to say than the obvious.
A thousand words would have tumbled out of her mouth, if she had not been so cold at that moment, She held out the basket.
“These are yours,” she said, turning to leave, saving herself from needless explanations for being there.
“Where do you live?” He asked, selecting an apple from her basket.
The light in her bedroom was the only one that was on. She pointed to it.
“Keep them,” he said.
“I’d ask you in for coffee, but I don’t have hydro in the house yet.”
Vanessa considered. The prize apple was in her hand.
“The Blue Owl Café, at the end of the street, twenty minutes.”
Things in Cedar Cottage were looking better and better.

Late submission, I forgot! K

Her cover completely blown, Rae raised her freckled, scorched red head with squinted eyes to find a six foot Mayan God incarnate looking at her with a sexy grin, “You left a boot back there. Give me your foot.” The Cinderella moment made her forget how pissed off her editor was going to be when she got herself kicked off the farm.

The horseman came up, dismounted in all of his old-fashioned regalia, and walked towards her. He stood at least six foot, possibly taller. He had to be the biggest Frenchman she’d seen since arriving in France. She noticed that not only was he tall, but his shoulders were broad. He wore light grey trousers with a violet blouse that bloomed in the wind. His dark hair framed his face and a slight beard was forming. “Madame, are you alright?” he asked.
“Uh,” Cate started, but struggled to find words. “Actually, I think I’m lost. I am trying to get home. I’m looking for Voie de la Liberté.”
“Aren’t we all, Madame?” the stranger asked, smiling.
Cate pondered what he said for a moment and then understood his meaning. Voie de la Liberté meant “the path of freedom.” “So you don’t know where the road is then?” she asked.
The oddly dressed man smiled and said, “You are on a road.”
“Well, yes, I can see that. But is this Voie de la Liberté?”
“Only you can answer that, Madame. Are you sure you are feeling alright?”
Cate scratched her head. Why was this guy trying to play mind tricks with her. Of course she was standing on a road. And of course only she knows her path to freedom. All she wanted to know was where the blessed road was!
“I’m fine! I just need to be getting home. My aunt and uncle will be getting worried if I am out past dark.”
“Do you not have anyone to escort you?”
“If I did, I wouldn’t be lost in the first place,” Cate retorted.
The man’s eyes grew wide and Cate realized she had been short with him. “I’m sorry. I’ve just been out here for a while and I am ready to go home.”
“Alright then. If I cannot be of any more assistance,” the man turned to leave, pulling his horse’s reigns behind him.
“Any more assistance? How was he any to begin with?” Cate steamed to herself.

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