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Your hero and heroine have just met. Give us your hero’s most impactful/ funny/ sexy/ intriguing/ eye-catching opening line!

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Beth couldn’t help but watched Logan as he walked over to where she was seated at the bar.

He was so tall, dark haired and rugged looking. He had the shoulders and chest of a typical rugby player and the scars to prove it. His smile was sexy and his eyes signalled intent as he handed her the glass of ale.

“I have to make a confession,” Logan said as his eyes locked on hers. “I’m a lesbian.”

I love Logan. Like majorly. That’s such a guy thing to say and really tells you so much about him and his sense of humour.

Oops – we appear to have posted the same blog twice, what a Friday fail! Our apologies, and see our comments on your entry on the other post!
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Hanna could feel the packages under her arm start to slip. If one went, they all were going to fall. She was helpless as first one box, and then another, followed by a third slipped from her arms and fell on to the damp pavement.

Lingerie of every shape, style, and colour seemed to jump from their boxes and spread themselves at the feet of her new neighbour, Jason Carmichael.

Hanna quickly bent down, shoving the bags dangling on her arms out of the way as she tried to grab the traitorous garments.

Jason dropped down to his haunches at the same time. Wickedness and mirth warred in he’s grey eyes as he grasped her panicked hands to still them.

He gently began gathering up the silk and lace items and tucked them back into their respective boxes. “It would take a man with skill, talent and endurance to be with a woman like you in clothing such as this.” Jason’s heated gaze met Hanna’s. “I’m that man.”

Oops – we appear to have posted the same blog twice, what a Friday fail! Our apologies, and see our comments on your entry on the other post!
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“What’s a girl like you doing in a desert like this?”
Startled Holly looked up into sparkling dark eyes surrounded by a keffiyeh resting against his striking features, around his neck. Helpless, she pointed at the camel that had taken offense to her and thrown her off to land undignified on her bottom. “Here, let me help you,” he offered her his hand to be taken and helped into her feet and tumbled against him to be steadied. Her heart racing as heat burned her cheeks.
“I’m not and I do believe it would be safer to ride with me.” He pointed towards a parked land cruiser door opened. She looked from the angry looking camel to the car, then back up to the man who had warm dark eyes and easy smile.
“I do believe you’re right. Holly,” she offered her hand to be taken and lifted to be kissed.
“Rachaud, and I do believe all my Christmas’ wishes have finally come true.”

Nice take on the “What’s a girl doing…” cliche. I liked your sheikh so much I wrote you a sheikh too.

Fantastic twist on the most overused line of all time. Also her being on the camel and him rescuing her in a land rover. Often it’s the other way around.

Love the tongue-in-cheekness of this opening line – it gives your hero instant appeal!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Feeling a sensation of being watched, Darcy glanced across the room. Her breath hitched when her curious gaze landed on exquisitely striking features. Her heart flipped over then began to thud, hard, she could practically hear it. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Then to her shock, fear and excitement, he began to walk over to her, without breaking eye contact. As beads of perspiration gathered between her pert full breasts, she felt awash with relief for deciding to wear a dark evening gown for the award ceremony.
Darcy swallowed. She had never met any so tall or so breathtakingly beautiful. Those eyes, those dark penetrating eyes seemed to look beyond her flesh and into her very soul. Within moments he was stood inches away from her. She felt in transit, somewhere between reality and fantasy.
“I will love you for the rest of my life.” he murmured the words to her, softly, his dark eyes caressing every inch of her.
Darcy blinked. She could barely breathe. “Excuse me?” she managed to push the words out with excruciating difficulty.
“Your winning line for the competition. The one that clinched you the deal for the perfume campaign.”

So romantic with the surreal Presents vibe. A clever and sophisticated hero. He acknowledges her achievements but also his attraction to her with his line.

We really like how you play with the romantic conventions here – that the impossibly romantic first line is actually an advertising slogan! It immediately makes the reader sit up and take notice…and wonder what the hero would be like when he finally confesses his actual feelings for her!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Looking at the woman standing before him, breathless; he whispered “no woman before or since will capture my vision as you do now!”

Isabelle stared after her brother as he walked away with the girl he’d picked up at the bar. So much for sticking together while they were in a strange country. Not that Dubai could be considered dangerous. So far the biggest danger was likely to be heatstroke.
“Your lover does not appreciate the jewel in his hand. If you were mine, I would keep you safe, close to my heart.”
Bella looked up and kept looking up. It was the man in full Arab regalia she’d seen when they arrived. His golden, hawk-like gaze stirred odd tingles deep in her gut. “In that case, it’s fortunate that I’m not yours. It’s far too hot to get so close.”
“Heat is a state of mind. So also is possession.” He bowed deeply, his hand touching his forehead below the white headdress. “Until we meet again.”

A Modern Presents in the making between your alpha hero and quick witted heroine in their exotic location. Also I can feel the strong emotional intensity.

Love how your feisty heroine’s comeback puts your hero in his place – you’ve set up a great clash of personalities in just a few words!
The SYTYCW Editors x

‘Calm down, you’re quite safe here’, a deep voice said reassuringly. Charlotte was taken with the faint Scottish bur in the the accent. She looked into the eyes again. Seeing only concern in their azure depths, Charlotte sank back with relief onto the comfortable sofa.  The stranger’s voice seemed to sooth her.  The waves of panic which once summoned, were so rarely abated without a full blown attack, began to slowly subside as the handsome stranger continued to soothe her brow with a damp cloth. Stroking away the fears which had been so close to engulfing her completely.

Just what Charlotte needed to hear during her terrifying panic attack. He shows he’s caring, considerate and strong.

He sounds LOVELY – safe, reassuring but also sexy and strong too. Must be the Scottish accent 😉
The SYTYCW Editors x

Marshall turned around just as she rounded the corner and came up short. She was shorter then he’d imagined. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of five-four. Her small face unobstructed thanks to the awful, choppy haircut that clearly hadn’t seen a professional hand. Large eyes–gorgeous, rich brown–were decidedly blank in a face that might have been considered beautiful if it wasn’t overshadowed by a sullen, dour expression.

Both Jenelle and his mom had warned him she wasn’t happy about the notion of the interview, but he’d dragged himself across hot deserts, through miles of mud, and faced a rain of fire and bullets; Marshall Davies always got his story. Cracking the likes of Eva Turner was going to be a simple and refreshing as afternoon tea.

“Eva.” Marshall held out a hand in greeting. “Great to meet you, at last.” She looked at his proffered hand, stuffed hers into baggy jean pockets.

“I prefer Ms. Turner.”

“We don’t need to be so formal, do we?” A ticked worked along his jaw but he resisted the urge to tighten up by smiling; the killer smile he reserved for the most wary of subjects. It usually melted the coldest of personalities, but Eva just set her small shoulders a little more defiantly. “Apparently we do.”

Nice to see a hero who gets his opening line completely wrong. He mistakenly thought Eva would be a walk over. She quickly shows him the error of his ways.

Yep, definite fire here. She’s gonna make him work for it. Always a good thing, the reward will be worth it!

A brilliantly written piece, Fallon! Love your writing style. 🙂 Love the sensual undercurrents simmering between them, despite Eva’s hostility. 🙂

He’s clearly got a fight on his hands, but we’re sure they’ll both enjoy it! We like how you use the dialogue to establish both the boundaries and personalities of your characters.
The SYTYCW Editors x

With a plate piled high with salad, a baked potato next to the steak, and a piece of French bread, she carefully turned toward her table. The aroma of garlic wafted up, and she grinned. Garlic at a society party? Surely they were expecting werewolves. Concentrating on balancing her food as she walked, she was startled when someone touched her arm.
Her boss, his round face beaming with delight, stood right behind her, Jessica, I’d like you to meet Blake Sanders. Blake, Jessica Phillips.”
Blake stood beside John, casually holding a drink in one hand; his stance negligent, with that unique self-assurance that comes from a lifetime of being deferred to. In the slanting gold of the last moments of sunlight, he looked like the classic adventure hero seeking a pleasant way to pass the time until he had to ride on. Jessica found his arrogance irritating, but she forced her mouth to curve into an impish smile, “The Blake Sanders. man-about-town?”
“The Jessica Phillips, stockbroker extraordinaire?” He smiled and small lines fanned out from the corners of his eyes.
Amazing what that smile could do up close. In spite of herself, Jessica felt her pulse quicken. She raised her eyebrows. “Then your interest is business?”
“Strictly business, although not the kind you might have in mind.” He looked at her over the rim of his glass. “How long have you worked for John?”
“Nearly a year. Are you thinking of changing brokers?”
“Actually, not until I met you.” He appraised her looks. “But there’s something about having a beautiful redheaded broker that appeals to me.”
The seductive toe of his voice dazzled her, but at the same time it stiffened her resolve to remain detached. “If you’re describing me, I’m flattered. But . . .”
“What modesty, Miss Phillips.” He grinned. “I admire humility.”
“Then you’re braver than I am. If it were my money, I’d be interested in having a broker who had more going for her than her looks.”
“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Blake’s words were succinct.
She narrowed her eyes and gave him a cool glance. “Easy come, easy go?”

Great tension ridden banter between Jessica and Blake. You also portray the ambience of a work outing that tries to be posher than it actually it.

I too, loved the verbal sparring between your hero and heroine! Great piece of writing, Beverly. 🙂

She’s a live wire, isn’t she! Like how she’s confident enough to take him on at his own game – a very evenly-pitched battle of wills!
The SYTYCW Editors x

He was staring at her breasts. There was no denying it. Admittedly, the girls did look splendid in her new blouse. It was one of the reasons she’d bought it. But as his eyes repeatedly moved to her chest, the small confines of the elevator were becoming awkward and uncomfortable. Good looking or not, he needed to be put in his place. Turning her most blistering glare on him, she intended to whither him on the spot. She opened her mouth to take him to task, but he interrupted her, pointing directly at her breasts. “Excuse me, but you seem to have spilled something on your…um…top.”

We like the humor that comes from both the awkwardness and the misreading of the situation – very funny!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Callie staggered out of Matt’s bar, stumbling across the uneven cobblestones. Rain slicked her hair to her forehead and down the sides of her face in ribbons of gold. Pulling the collar of her light jacket higher up her neck, she huddled in the relative shelter of the bus stop as she waited for her cab to arrive.
Approaching headlights made her squint against the glare when a car careened around a corner. It swerved toward the curb, aiming for a puddle, intentionally soaking her from head to toe.

“Asshole!” she yelled at the retreating taillights after sweeping the excess gutter muck from her face.

Masculine laughter drifted from the shadows of the adjacent alley, drawing her attention. Fear spiked – nothing good lurks in the shadows.

The owner of the laugh stepped out into the glow cast by the streetlights, pulling up his zipper and adjusting his jacket. “What’s a pretty lady like you doing out here all alone at this time of night?” he asked, crossing the road toward her.

Alcohol induced bravado made her stand her ground. “Waiting for a cab, obviously.”

He brushed off the wooden bench and sat down, patting the space beside him. “Sit,” he instructed. “Mine’s due in a minute, you can take it on condition you give me your phone number.”

In all likelihood it was the alcohol clouding her judgement, but when he smiled, butterflies did somersaults in her stomach. Instead of rhyming off a fake number, she rummaged in her bag for a pen and wrote her name and number on the back of his hand.

I love your heroine! Your writing creates such wonderful imagery, Julie. I love the line ‘Rain slicked her hair to her forehead and down the side of her face in ribbons of gold.’ Beautiful. 🙂

Love the line. ‘Fear spiked. Nothing good lurked in the shadows.’ I wonder is that a premonition this has supernatural elements. ( Also he conjures up a taxi in a minute).
Really clever line. He makes it look like she’s doing him a favour by taking his taxi.

Very brave trusting him with so little interaction. It makes me wonder what sort of cab is going to arrive…limo, maybe.

We like how his kindness and chivalry over letting her take his cab balances with him also asking for her number… no wonder she gives it to him!
The SYTYCW Editors x

“Face forward. Strip down.”His voice was deep, suggestive and close enough for me to feel his breath on my neck. I won’t fool you, his voice sent tingles up and down my spine in a very naughty way.
I turned very slowly to face the tall, seductively handsome man I had only met a few moments before. He was grinning down at me in such a sexy way that I almost forgot where we were.
I inhaled deeply to refocus my thoughts, flipped my hair flirtatiously over my shoulder and tossed him my most irresistible smile.
“Excuse me?” I needed for him to repeat himself just in case my ears had played tricks on me.
He extended his hand and tapped the debit card that was in my grasp.
“For it to work, you have to put the face of your card forward and the strip down through the swipe of the machine.”It took me about five seconds to process what he had just explained. I looked up at him, down to my debit card and back up into his eyes.
“Oh, yeah. I knew that.” I turned back and swiped my card properly through the debit machine this time.
I much preferred my twisted meaning of what I thought Mr. Tall Hot and Handsome had said the first time around.I grabbed my coffee from the counter and stepped aside to the sugar station. I was opening my fourth packet of cane sugar when he appeared next to me again.
“Are you having sugar with your coffee or coffee with your sugar Beautiful?” he teased.
I had never seen a man with such striking eyes before. His eyes were capable of peering straight into my soul.As my mind struggled to find something flirty to volley back with, I knew that today would be one that I would never forget.
©2015 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant! Not even for a second did I think he was talking about her debit card! Fab job. 🙂

Love your hero. So attractive that even his innocent comments take on a double meaning. Also great sense of humour with his sugar comment.

‘You couldn’t wait, could you?’ Gia snapped, unable to contain the cold fury bubbling inside her. ‘You couldn’t even leave it one more day before you wanted revenge.’
She didn’t know whether it was the bite of bitter laughter in response to her words or the look of provocation on his harsh but striking face but something about the wild look in his eyes made the hairs stand up on her nape and her stomach twist. As if he was daring her, wanting her to challenge his intentions.
‘Waiting is for fools and revenge is for boys. Annihilation is more my style. And you’re going to help me.’

Wonderful. His reply shows he’s the rare species that acknowledges her concerns. Maybe he should work on his problem solving skills though.

Thanks, Amanda. I have a feeling that Gia knows exactly what help he needs though she’ll deny it!

I love it when a hero is ruthless! Love the way you build up the tension, Sarah. Great cliff-hanger. 🙂

We’re so intrigued! We love his anger and tension – we want to know what happens next!!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Becky Ann waited beside the auctioneer at the front of the ‘Dessert & Date’ tent as the man who bid five hundred dollars for her banana cream pie (and a chance to share it with her) slowly made his way through the crowd. No one had ever paid that much in the entire history of Cudder’s County Fairs!
Tall and square shouldered, his cowboy hat was tipped down low. He handed over a clip of bills to the auctioneer matter of fact, then he turned to Becky Ann, hitting her with eyes that were as blue as a robin’s egg.
Her heart sputtered as she fought to keep his stare. She managed to stammer, “Y’all must really like banana cream pie.”
“I’m not partial to it, darlin’,” he said, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “But I have a feeling I’ll remember this one for the rest of my life.”

She had a headache from the grueling day. Dealing with her ex-boyfriend, her father, and her secretary would make anyone get a headache. She should just quit. She didn’t need this stupid job. So many other unsullied opportunities just waiting at her fingertips.

She eyed the bill for the cruise line that she purchased for her and Thomas to take in three months. Oh, yeah, she needed this stupid job like she never needed anything before. The jerk refused to help her pay for the remaining part. Well, if he thought he would be joining her because he helped pay twenty bucks of the bill, he had another thing coming.

“Is this seat taken?” a man with blonde hair smoothed in a slick style, a charming smile, and brown eyes that crinkled with tenderness said as he held the back of the chair next to her.

Mona eyed the man with a cruel frown. The entire bar was free and clear of any patrons but her, and he wanted to sit right next to her. Well, think again, buddy.

“Yes, it is. In fact, I reserved every chair lining the bar.” She turned her head, deciding the best option would be to ignore him, and any other man that ever spoke to her again.

“Hmm, interesting. Considering I own the bar, I don’t recall reserving it out.”

She whipped her head to him, the shock clear on her face. She puckered her brows in irritation when a wide smile emerged on his face. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I do have a bit of a problem, though. I’m going to sit. You’re still talking to me so I take that as acceptance,” he said as he pulled the chair out next to her and sat down. “Decker Thompson, nice to meet you.”

She eyed his hand that he held out; taking a sip of wine as her way of saying, she wasn’t interested, although a tiny smile escaped before she could stop it. “I didn’t give you acceptance. Owner or not, check the books. I reserved this entire bar.” She took another sip until she couldn’t help herself. “What problem do you have?”

His charming smile almost made her insides melt, reminding her of when she met Thomas and he gave her the same reaction. Probably another slick jerk sitting next to her.

He pulled his phone out, pushing it near her. “My phone’s not working. It needs your number to properly work.”

A dribble of wine fell down her chin as she stared at him. She certainly couldn’t have heard him right. She laughed. “That is the dumbest and most cheesiest pick-up line I’ve ever heard. Clearly, you aren’t getting the picture I don’t like men, probably never again.”

“Well, here’s the thing, give me five minutes and I think you’ll see how charming and sweet I am. You’ve already laughed and smiled at almost everything I said. You’re dying to help me with my phone problem.”

He winked at her when he caught her eyes gazing at his phone.

LOVE Decker’s pick-up line! 🙂 The way you’ve written your hero and heroine, Amanda, makes their personalities leap off the page. 🙂

Oops – we appear to have posted the same blog twice, what a Friday fail! Our apologies, and see our comments on your entry on the other post!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Michael isn’t the type to wait, but for Cynthia, she’s worth it. From her raven-black hair to her French manicured toes, Michael will wait for a lifetime for her.
Sitting at an oak table by a window near the back of the coffee shop he frequented since his college days, he waited patiently still for Cynthia. Their online interaction which led to nightly phone calls has always left them desiring more.
Sitting tall with a 6’6 muscular frame of Iroquois and Greek mixed, his handsome, chiseled face transforms to wistfulness. Where is she? He wonders. His chestnut eyes began to search frantically around until-
Cynthia is like a breath of fresh air as she sashay his way. The scantily red baby doll dress with stilettos was sending burning longing Michael’s way.
Her witchy green eyes glared at him. He smirks. “So you decided to meet here? You naughty boy,” her husky voice teased.
“Yet, here we meet again after all this time.” Michael gruffly replied back, his eyes bore into hers with hunger.

I’d like to know more! Have they met before. Are they married? Reuniting? You’ve got me hooked.

Love the idea that they’ve spoken before, but this is the first time they’ve met in person! We wanted to know more about their nightly conversations!
The SYTYCW Editors x

Thanks everyone for your fab entries – we so enjoyed the variety and quality of these! You’ve got some great heroes out there!
The SYTYCW Editors x

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