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HEA Writing Week 2023 | Writing Foundations

Welcome to day two of HEA Writing Week! Today we’re going back to basics to recap some of the writing fundamentals that our editors have written about here on Write for Harlequin.

There’s a wide variety of romance styles and sub-genres, but no matter what type of romance you’re writing, they all have similar building blocks.  Dive into the reading material below to grab some tips about plotting, worldbuilding, and more before we dive into NaNoWriMo tomorrow!

Reading Material:

A close up of a hand on a keyboard with a red circle over the bottom left corner. White text reads Back to Basics

Back to Basics: Plotting Tips from Harlequin Editors – Write for Harlequin

Back to Basics: Top Tips on Worldbuilding – Write for Harlequin

What’s at Stake? 5 Tips on Writing High-Stakes Romance – Write for Harlequin

Back to Basics: Setting the Scene with Author Jennifer Faye – Write for Harlequin

Back to Basics: POV Tips from Editor Kathryn Lye – Write for Harlequin

Looking for more comprehensive guides on writing? Check out five of our editor’s favorite writing resource books:

The Roadmap to Writing Romance: 5 Writing Resources – Write for Harlequin

Today’s Challenge:

If you haven’t already, set a daily writing goal that you hope to accomplish over the rest of the week or month.

Looking for more of a challenge? Using some of the tips above, write a single scene from your work in progress.

HEA Writing Week Events:

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for the Editor Q&A in the Write for Harlequin Facebook Community at 1PM EST. Find the event here and we’re looking forward to answering your questions!

The HEA Writing Sprint event is also coming up on Friday, November 3rd at 1PM EST.  Come and join us for an hour of silent writing on Zoom.  Register for the Writing Sprint Event now!