Harlequin Author Milestones

The Harlequin Blog ran this a few weeks ago, but we thought it worth repeating!

Here are the milestones for all the Harlequin authors (series, digital, single title) in November. Aren’t they a talented bunch?

Debut Authors:

Debbie Herbert, Siren’s Secret
Amalie Howard, Waterfell
Jenny Oliver, The Parisian Christmas Bake Off
Kimberly Rose Johnson, The Christmas Promise
Lara Lacombe, Deadly Contact
Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis, Menage on 34th Street
Amber Lin,Chance of Rain
Jennifer Snow, The Trouble with Mistletoe

5th Book:
Carol Arens, Rebel with a Heart
Ava March, All In with the Duke
Connie Cox, Christmas Eve Delivery
Jodie Griffin, Matzoh and Mistletoe
Lucy Ellis, A Dangerous Solace
Jeffe Kennedy, Five Golden Rings
Susan Carlisle, Snowbound with Dr. Delectable
Meg Maguire, Driving Her Wild
Stephanie Tyler, Redemption: A Defiance Novel
Cynthia Reese, Secret Santa
Gail Sattler, His Christmas Angel
Isabelle Goddard, The Major’s Guarded Heart
Karen Kirst, The Husband Hunt

10th Book:
Emma Miller, Rebecca’s Christmas Gift
Deanna Raybourn, Midsummer Night

15th Book:
Anne Oliver, Mistletoe Not Required
Margaret McPhee, The Captain’s Christmas Angel

20th Book:
Pamela Britton, A Cowboy’s Christmas Wedding
Michelle Styles, Paying the Viking’s Price
Andy Boot, Rebel Blast

30th Book:
Deborah Hale, The Duke’s Marriage Mission
Karen Harper, Upon a Winter’s Night
Sarah Mayberry, Nine Ladies Dancing

40th Book:
Nicola Cornick, One Night with the Laird
Susan Wiggs, Candlelight Christmas

45th Book:
Brenda Novak, Take Me Home for Christmas
Michele Hauf, Blood Cursed*

65th Book:
Emilie Richards, Let It Snow

85th Book:
Lilian Darcy, The Baby Made at Christmas

100th Book:
Lindsay McKenna, Out of Harm’s Way

*Belated congratulations to Michele Hauf, who hit the 45-book milestone in September 2013 with Blood Cursed.