Harlequin Author Milestones

The Harlequin Blog ran this a few weeks ago, but we thought it worth repeating!

Here are the milestones for all the Harlequin authors (series, digital, single title) in November. Aren’t they a talented bunch?

Debut Authors:

Debbie Herbert, Siren’s Secret
Amalie Howard, Waterfell
Jenny Oliver, The Parisian Christmas Bake Off
Kimberly Rose Johnson, The Christmas Promise
Lara Lacombe, Deadly Contact
Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis, Menage on 34th Street
Amber Lin,Chance of Rain
Jennifer Snow, The Trouble with Mistletoe

5th Book:
Carol Arens, Rebel with a Heart
Ava March, All In with the Duke
Connie Cox, Christmas Eve Delivery
Jodie Griffin, Matzoh and Mistletoe
Lucy Ellis, A Dangerous Solace
Jeffe Kennedy, Five Golden Rings
Susan Carlisle, Snowbound with Dr. Delectable
Meg Maguire, Driving Her Wild
Stephanie Tyler, Redemption: A Defiance Novel
Cynthia Reese, Secret Santa
Gail Sattler, His Christmas Angel
Isabelle Goddard, The Major’s Guarded Heart
Karen Kirst, The Husband Hunt

10th Book:
Emma Miller, Rebecca’s Christmas Gift
Deanna Raybourn, Midsummer Night

15th Book:
Anne Oliver, Mistletoe Not Required
Margaret McPhee, The Captain’s Christmas Angel

20th Book:
Pamela Britton, A Cowboy’s Christmas Wedding
Michelle Styles, Paying the Viking’s Price
Andy Boot, Rebel Blast

30th Book:
Deborah Hale, The Duke’s Marriage Mission
Karen Harper, Upon a Winter’s Night
Sarah Mayberry, Nine Ladies Dancing

40th Book:
Nicola Cornick, One Night with the Laird
Susan Wiggs, Candlelight Christmas

45th Book:
Brenda Novak, Take Me Home for Christmas
Michele Hauf, Blood Cursed*

65th Book:
Emilie Richards, Let It Snow

85th Book:
Lilian Darcy, The Baby Made at Christmas

100th Book:
Lindsay McKenna, Out of Harm’s Way

*Belated congratulations to Michele Hauf, who hit the 45-book milestone in September 2013 with Blood Cursed.

3 replies on “Harlequin Author Milestones”

Yes–Lilian started with Medicals and has been writing for Harlequin for a while!

She’s done about 15 Specials, and about ten Silhouette Romances but about 40 Medicals.

Be sure to see if you can find the older titles–I think we have some digital ones. They have the same warmth and emotion.

Congratulations to Cynthia Reese. I remember when she was writing the red thread. then she disappeared off of the boards and I was shocked to learn she has written 5. I have the first one so I need to find the other 4.

Congratulations to Michelle Styles. She is always so helpful on e-Harlequin and is a wonderful author.

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