Getting the Call: Meet Liz Shoaf!

This week, we’re delighted to welcome new author Liz Shoaf to Love Inspired Suspense! Here is her story…

I’ve loved reading romance and suspense since high school—I even won a writing contest during my junior year—but the idea to actually write a book took root when I lost three fingers in an accident. I stayed with my mom for several weeks during the surgeries (hubby missed me terribly), and while enjoying the special pampering only a mother can give, I read every romance I could get my hands on during my recovery.

Writing for Harlequin is every girl’s dream, and I’m no different. I submitted several manuscripts to them early in my writing career, but wasn’t far enough along in my skill-set to sell. I had a lot to learn, so before I made another attempt, I wrote several full-length novels and sold them to a print-on-demand publishing house. It was a good place to start and they taught me a lot.

Then I felt it was time to give Harlequin another shot. By this time I had been in a critique group for several years and had attended conferences and such. The yearly ACFW conference was coming up, and I had started writing a Love Inspired Suspense, but was only on chapter four. I really, really wanted to pitch the book and took a chance.

I pitched the book to Tina James and she told me to go home and finish the book as soon as possible and get it on her desk. I worked like a maniac, finished the book by the end of the year, and sent it in as soon as I finished the synopsis and cleanup.

Months passed while I waited, but I was ecstatic when I received word from Dina Davis that she wanted some rewrites on the book. I calmed down and went to work. After sending it back in, time seemed to slow to a crawl, but on December 1st, 2016, my agent sent me a magical email saying that Dina was interested in offering me a deal. She asked my agent if she could speak to me on the phone, and I said YES!

So, after fifteen years of writing, and sweating rejections, along with a few successes, I FINALLY GOT THE CALL.

Dina wanted to know if I could meet several deadlines, and if I could, she offered me a release date in September 2017. Of course, you all know my answer, Yes, I can meet the deadlines, then I hung up the phone and had a nice little private panic attack. 🙂

After my heart settled down, I got to work and met all those deadlines.

Ever since I lost those three fingers (and yes, I can type just as fast with seven fingers), writing has become my passion. The pen is infinitely more powerful than the sword, and I hope to touch people’s hearts and lives through the words that I hope will never stop flowing through me.

Look for Liz Shoaf’s debut Love Inspired Suspense Betrayed Birthright September 2017!

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