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From Pitch to Purchase: The Journey of a Harlequin Book

Want to learn more about how a Harlequin novel is made? Editor Emma Cole takes you on the journey of how Watchers of the Night by Charlene Parris went from a pitch to a purchased novel. Watch below!

Book cover for Charlene Parris's Watchers of the Night


Haunted by the tragedies in her past, forensic investigator Cynthia Cornwall risks everything to keep Detective Adam Solberg informed about the explosion that led to his father’s death. Open, attentive and undeniably gorgeous, Adam seems too good to be true. But Cynthia will have to trust him if they’re both going to survive this case. And she’ll have to decide if the connection they’ve forged is real enough to last.

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Emma Cole
Associate Editor

Emma Cole (she/her) is Associate Editor for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. Previously, she was a freelance copyeditor for many years. In addition to romance, Emma loves horror, sci-fi, and speculative fiction, and her to-be-read pile of books never seems to shrink because she is forever buying more. When she’s not reading, she’s watching classic films or the Raptors during basketball season. Emma loves knitting, sewing, and various other crafty pursuits. She is on the lookout for stories from underrepresented voices in the genre and is excited to find new and interesting projects for Romantic Suspense: quirky characters, small towns with big secrets, and stories that make her think, feel, and root for a good ending.