Finishing Up Your Novel and What’s Next

Brrrr! Is it our imagination or did it suddenly become winter? At least on the U.S. Northeast Coast, the frigid temperatures have us running for our coats. At the same time, it’s the perfect weather for someone to huddle down in front of the computer and finish writing a book. Which brings us to your writing…

As we wind down with our challenge for you to write a novel in 150 days, we wanted to take a moment to review our different series offerings. One thing to urge is that our challenge is not official but just a gentle nudge for you to keep writing that page-turning love story—and to check out this site for more instructive posts.

Some of you may have begun this journey knowing exactly which line (Harlequin Romance, Harlequin Desire, etc…) you want to target. This is great! Maybe you have no idea where to send your work. This is absolutely okay, too. Whatever the case, it’s important to do research on which publisher you want to approach—or if you prefer self-publishing your work. Once you’ve finished the book of your heart (hopefully, with lots of hearts in it), finding the right home for your work is a crucial next step.

Below, you’ll find links to the Harlequin series that are looking for new authors. We welcome your submissions! Also, if you have any questions about these series, feel free to post comments below.

Harlequin Dare

Harlequin Desire

Harlequin Heartwarming

Harlequin Historical

Harlequin Intrigue

Harlequin Medical Romance

Harlequin Presents

Harlequin Romance

Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Harlequin Special Edition

Love Inspired

Love Inspired Suspense

7 replies on “Finishing Up Your Novel and What’s Next”

Thanks for the updated guidelines.
I do have a question.
Some guidelines (Historical and Romance) clearly state “as per current editorial policy we ask that you do not submit more than one manuscript at a time for our consideration.”
Previously, I understood this to mean one submission at a time across all Harlequin lines. However, from comments I’ve read, I’m now wondering if this is one submission at a time per series. For example, can you submit (different manuscripts) to Romance and to Dare?
I would appreciate clarification, please and thank you.
Aside: I hope you get a break in the weather an/or are able to snuggle up by a warm fire, with hot cocoa (or other, preferred beverage) and a good manuscript/book.

To add to Kate’s question about submissions, if I have a submission out to Carina Press, could I still submit a new MS to Harlequin Presents (or do I have to wait for feedback from Carina first)?

My current WIP for this challenge has suspense elements in it but it is mostly a love story with a sort of crime near the end. The H&H aren’t crime solvers so ti won’t fit in the Intrigue line, but I don’t think it has that much suspense/criminal activity to make it a longer Romantic Suspense. I was targeting Special Edition, but my hero is a billionaire, my heroine has something he wants and her ex comes back to life to cause trouble for them all. Just asking ahead of time so I target the right line.

If anyone needs a critique partner, and you’re willing to read erotic romance (I’m targeting Carina), let me know! I’d love to switch MSs with you. 🙂

Sure, Cathy! If you’re talking to me, lol. ^_^
Are you on Harlequin’s boards/forum? If so, I’d love to add you and that’s where we could chat. If not, we could exchange email.
This goes for anyone else who’s interested in being crit partners, or who’s open to beta reading.

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