Editor Wishlist: Gail Chasan, Senior Editor for Harlequin Special Edition

Want to know what our editors are looking for in a submission? Then stay on top of our Editor Wishlists, highlighting what each editor is looking for on the hunt for their next romance! Here’s what Special Edition Editor Gail Chasan is currently hoping to acquire.

I’m looking for:
  • Family and multigenerational stories
  • Characters who have real financial, work-related or other challenges
  • Stories with humor
  • Characters who face challenges but deal, in a realistic manner
  • Diverse and inclusive characters reflecting various racial, religious, cultural backgrounds, body sizes, abilities and sexual orientations
I can’t resist:
  • High drama—back from the dead; separated at birth are some of my favorites.
My recommended read from Harlequin Special Edition:

The Single Mom’s Second Chance by Kathy Douglass, a moving story about an unlikely couple facing life-threatening odds.

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2 replies on “Editor Wishlist: Gail Chasan, Senior Editor for Harlequin Special Edition”

Dear Editor
I’m writing a romance set in wedding background in India. Please advice should I include the new normal i.e the changed rules of wedding after corona virus or stick to the old ones.

Dear Seema Tiwary:

Stick to the old ones…..Harlequin books should be enjoyed as an escape from reality especially the reality of the Corona Virus! So many people have suffered and are still suffering this devastating disease….Picking up a Harlequin Romance story of any kind can give a person a chance to carve out an hour or so to live in a world that will always end in Happily Ever After, and will always leaves one with a smile and a sigh….

Then one can continue living the new normal….until they pick up the next Harlequin Romance.

P.S. This is only my opinion.