A #RomanceIncludesYou Mentorship Checklist

The Romance Includes You Mentorship is open for submissions until October 15th. If you’re an aspiring romance author from a community that’s been underrepresented in traditional publishing, then we want to see your stories!

This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a Harlequin editor for a year to develop your romance novel. The chosen recipient will also receive an offer of publication and $5000 (USD) to support your writing.

Want more details? Check out our official page as well as our FAQs.

With submissions closing next week, we wanted to remind you of what you need to submit for this opportunity!


A Romance Includes You Checklist

A story synopsis.

Outline your story for us (in a synopsis of up to 2,500 words). Introduce us to your characters and tell us the highs and lows of their journey toward happily ever after. We want enough details to fairly evaluate your story idea and its main hooks but it needn’t be so in-depth as to distract us from the main points of your story.

Your first chapter.

Or, if your story has a prologue, include the prologue and first chapter (up to 7,500 words—or up to 10,000 words for the synopsis + first chapter). This is where we get to enter the world of your story and see your writing style!

A personal statement.

A short, true personal statement of about 500 words in support of your submission. We want to learn about how your unique voice will add diversity and broaden representation in the romance genre!


And what about formatting guidelines…?

There are none! We will not be evaluating your submissions based on font type, font size, spacing, or your header/footer. Use your judgement to ensure your submission is clear and legible, and remember that what we’re looking at is your story. That said, we do encourage you to stay within the word counts outlined for each section.

Please note that we will only be considering English-language submissions from authors in North America.

That’s it! We can’t wait to see your story proposals. Ready to submit? Then visit our Submittable page to learn more and send your story in!