10 Things You Need To Know About The Alpha Male

Do you love reading and writing about Alpha males? Then see if these top facts strike a chord…!

  1. He may have an enormous private jet/ sports car/ luxury yacht but there’s nothing this guy needs to overcompensate for…
  2. His bespoke suits/ cowboy boots/ scrubs look amazing on his muscular frame…and even better on the bedroom floor!
  3. He only laughs when something is either really really funny, or if he’s made the joke.
  4. He’s got so much testosterone that he’s rarely spotted clean-shaven…
  5. If he doesn’t agree with something, you’ll soon know about it.
  6. He doesn’t have to ask what you what you’re thinking, he knows…Especially in the bedroom!
  7. Speaking of which, this guy is seriously fertile. Like, seriously. 😉
  8. His metabolism is insane – no matter how many glasses of champagne, rare steaks, or romantic dinners for two he has, he remains pure rippling muscle. (Plus you’ll never have the awkward ‘who’s paying for dinner’ chat.)
  9. Whatever you do, do NOT ask him about his relationship with his parents…not unless you want to unleash his deepest darkest emotional conflict! In fact, commenting on his family is generally to be avoided…that way lies a revenge plot.
  10. Most importantly, he’ll never say ‘I love you’ unless he really means it

So, what are we missing – what else do you think we should know about the Alpha male!? Help us compile the definitive list below 🙂