Here’s your weekend #WritingChallenge!

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Beginnings are crucial, and your opening sentence should grab the reader’s attention, making them want to read on.

So this weekend, we challenge you to…

Give us your best opening sentence!

We will be selecting our top three on Monday so be sure to get yours in on time!

The SYTYCW Editors x



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This has got me SO excited and eager to read on! I would LOVE to read the book! Fantastic, Fiona! 🙂

Epic. Omg I want to know what happened so bad. Was she in the vid? Or worse — hubby sneaking around and this is how she finds out?? Dun dun duuuuuuuuunnnn.

Please tell me this is one you’re working on. I am DYING to know just what is going on.

Valerie Davis hadn’t expected the after-hours knock on her office door, but once she opened it, and saw her employee Kent Sloan bare chested before her, she knew that their professional relationship was about to get personal.

Finding the man you swore you never wanted to see again lying unconscious on your bed was not a good start to the day, for either of you.

Will Conall sat at a shadowy table in the far corner of the bar with his back to the wall. He was nursing a drink and watching my every move.

I have this vision of a giant cat when I saw the word blood…. 🙂 I know it’s not but love it. Just me

I cant seem to reply to the one above or it will come later, but I like both of these.

“I need you pronto.”
Shocked Lottie Johnson blinked as she looked down to her fluffy black cat faced slipper with ears, whiskers, and button nose on her feet.

I have so many last one

“How can you live with yourself?!” Ana Stewart demanded to know resting fisted hands on a ceder handcrafted desk. “You’re kicking a seventy-five year old lady out into the street. Gee, your parents must be so proud of you,” she sneered.

I lied but it is supposed to be first line only so two don’t cant……
“A married woman are you insane!”

The one I am working on now- The Sheikh’s Faux Bride

Approaching the entrance, Julia Sommers took a deep breath, then entered further.

With a deep breath to steel her resolve and quell her second thoughts, Caroline closed her eyes to the image of Devon’s naked body, sheets tangled about his hips, and let the door of their hotel room click shut behind her.

“This is my car, sugar…an honest mistake,” Bo Covington said to the blonde, leggy woman in the process of hotwiring his Ferrari.

Dillion stuck his hand between the elevator doors and as the steel retracted, he looked down in incredable green eyes.

Arg. Note to self: Don’t post when you are exhausted from work.

…he looked down into incredible green eyes.

Yes, he’s tall. Well the doors retracted so yeah they’re open. ; )

Cassidy Welsh was going to jail. Whether the charge was marriage fraud or homicide was yet to be seen, but the outcome was inevitable.

Sounds like something that would air on Investigation Discovery (ID). Did you come up with this just for this challenge or is this part of a story you’re working on? I would love to know more.

Rose took a sip of lukewarm coffee knowing this could all turn into a disaster, still it was her only chance.

It couldn’t be. A hunk stood in her doorstep. Lace blinked before pushing fine, golden strands of her hair off her face.

This is from my WIP, Medical Romance, ‘The Playboy Surgeon’s Secret’ – sadly too late for medical blitz.
Princess Samira looked down at sore, pinched toes, encased in sparkly, silver leather and faced a cold, hard truth – she was wearing the wrong shoes to kidnap a doctor.

Remember, Mon Chéri Amour…the laughter and sweet kisses when our love was new, remember our bodies as one, wet with dew, and remember, Diana, if you tell anyone…I’ll kill you.

Wow! I was not expecting the ending there, but it definitely makes me want to know more. Well done.

Oh my. It will be interesting to see how you turn this guy into a hero. Love to read it.

sorry everyone…but i’m having technical, dufus difficulties on my husband’s lap top. I did not submit “good one” for my first sentence, I was trying to reply to Emily’s sentence. Yay me.

I have messed up on a couple. I love them all!
Now I am stepping away from my computer before I hurt myself.

Eyes still tightly closed, Serena woke up with her face pressed against something very hairy and suddenly wished she had shiny red shoes and a good witch to send her home.

So she’s either snogging with the Cowardly Lion or having a too close encounter with some flying monkeys.

Like a beast rising from the earth, Ronan Donegal in all his glory, stood up in the lake and began to walk slowly toward Ellie.

Now, I’m not sure whether he is supposed to be dangerous or just incredibly sexy. Great opener.

Opening the front door her shoulders dropped as she saw the mess that was her living room. It looked like a bomb had exploded, A bomb called Seraphine.

Jenna didn’t need to look up to know who was standing the other side of the desk; his aftershave Creed had already devastated her senses and left her reeling.

Thank you SO MUCH for all these wonderful entries – we’ve had a blast reading them! Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…time to announce our favorites!

In 1st place…
“Sleeping with the groom on his wedding night is only a good thing if you happen to be the bride.” – Fiona Marsden. We loved this – full of impact, story and brimming with scandal. We instantly wanted to read more!

In 2nd place…
“Madeline Durand was braising short ribs in an Omaha department store when her husband’s sex video went viral.” – JoAnn Ross. This felt so fresh and unique to us – like nothing we’d ever read before. It packs so much story in, and had us on the edge of our seats wanting to read Madeline’s reaction!

And in joint 3rd place (we loved them both!)…
“I lifted my face to the light breeze and picked out two things; the scent of a man and blood.” – Yvonne Rediger. So intriguing and atmospheric!

“At least this time he was wearing clothes.” – Jan VanEngen. Just hilarious…we wanted to know what happened the last time!!

Thanks again to you all, and congrats to our fab winners 🙂

Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

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