#WritingChallenge: Write a “DARE”ing dialogue


We’re celebrating the launch of Harlequin Dare this week at SYTYCW! Our boldest, sexiest romance series yet features fun, fearless heroines and the alpha heroes they crave.

Your challenge this week: Write a short dialogue that shows us the push/pull between your powerful and equally matched hero and heroine. For this challenge, exposition and inner monologue should be left out—your characters’ words and body language tell the story.

What the hero and heroine talk about is up to you. But we want you to include this line from JC Harroway‘s new Dare book, A Week to be Wild:

“What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

You can start your dialogue with the line or end with it – or use it anywhere in between!

For tips on writing great dialogue, read “Say it with Style: How to write great dialogue” in our archive.

Dare to take our challenge this week? Post your dialogue in the comments below any time between now and Sunday, February 11, 2018  and we’ll check back with you on Monday!


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Not sure if I did this right (I added exposition—I couldn’t help it!). But I had fun! Maybe I should sub to Dare? 😀
“Why are we in the utility closet?”

Adam pressed a finger to his lips. “I’m sure the whole floor heard you.”

She rolled her eyes. His exaggeration stoking the flames of her irritation. “Just tell me why we’re in here, and I’ll leave you to do…whatever it is you were doing before I joined you.”

“What were you imagining I called you for?” A teasing note curling through the question.


“And what happened to Mr. Thorne, or ‘sir’?”

“I’m not your employee anymore.”

“True. But you were quick to answer my message.”

“Because you double-underscored urgent!”

He hushed her, the chiding look melting from his handsome features. “It is urgent. Quite, actually. I’d prefer if you kept this between us.”

Was it her imagination or did he wink at her?

Stoic Adam didn’t wink. He barely cracked a laugh, and struggled to smile in the best of times. First her unexpected job promotion, and now this—what game was Adam playing now? Only one way to find out.

“Fine. Nothing said leaves the closet.”

“Perfect. Then you won’t mind me asking again what you were thinking when I led you in here?”

“What does it matter?”

“Indulge me, Laurel.”

She controlled the delicious shiver dashing up her spine at her rumbled name. God, he made it sound like poetry. Sexy, dirty poetry. “Honestly, it ranged from you murdering me in here to…”

“To what?”

“To a lot of HR paperwork for you, and a scandal for the firm.”

Adam nodded, his spring green eyes unreadable. “You thought I was propositioning you for sex.”

“You led me into a closet, sir. What was I supposed to think?”


It was on the tip of her tongue to ask to leave.

Standing close enough to brush his hard chest, Laurel locked her muscles, straining to keep from her usual fidgeting. The more she moved, the more she came in contact with Adam Thorne.

Adam smiled, a dimple creasing his right cheek. She wished he hadn’t flicked on the light when she’d entered. In the dark she would have been able to hold onto her bitter anger for him.
“What if I wanted to do more?”

Laurel’s mouth popped open. It took forever to gather her thoughts together, arrange them in order, and form a coherent response. “I’d advise you against it, sir.”

“Mmm, but what if I ignored your advice?” When he winked this time, Laurel couldn’t score it off to a lapse in her otherwise perfect vision.


“What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

This is great, Sara! That first line drew me in immediately, and you did a great job setting the tone and establishing the dynamics and chemistry between these two in this one conversation. Well done!

Here goes: (wish me luck!:D)

Jace was nibbling on her neck when Riley laughed. “Find something funny, do you?”
Riley pressed into that muscular chest , shook her head. “Just thinking about that Dad would have had a meltdown if he had known what we’d been doing in high school.”
Jace’s lips eased down her neck to the base of her throat. “Hey, now,” he teased. “Let’s not ruin the moment.” He pulled her into his lap.
“Not trying to, just thinking about us.”
“Us…” he whispered into her ear. “Is there still an us, my beautiful Riley?”
“God….” she shuddered as he nibbled her ear, nipped at her neck. “I hope so.” She pulled his shirt off, revealing the sculpted muscles of a seasoned Marine.
“Riley…” he whispered, his hands sliding under her t-shirt, stopping under her breasts. “The door is open.”
Riley captured his mouth in hers, nipped at his lips, drank in his masculine scent. “Let ’em ogle…” she murmured.
Jace chuckled as he ran his hands over her skin. “It’s not the ogling I mind, it’s the remarks I’ll get afterwards!” He nuzzled her jaw line. “And by the way, when did you get so naughty?”
“A long time ago,” she replied “What’s wrong? The big, bad Marine doesn’t like being teased?”
“Not by my twin brother, or my team.” He ran a finger along the edge of the waist of her jeans. Another kiss, another nibble, another taste. Then he, said in a low husky voice “Oh, fuck, who cares?” And he devoured her lips.
Riley pressed her knees around his hips. “Like I said… let ’em ogle.” She blew out a ragged breath, ran her fingers down his chest to the lovely arch just above his hips. Her fingers touched the button of his jeans, felt his response. “You want more?”
He let out a moan. “Do I want more? What the fuck kind of question is that? What the hell do you think?” He gasped when she unbuttoned his pants. “But the door is still open.”
“Come on, Marine,” Riley breathed into his mouth. “Where’s you sense of adventure?”
“Oh, holy…” he said as she licked his jaw line. “We really should close the door”
“Nah,” she said. “So what do you say? Up for a little… adventure?”

Love this, Kelly! Nice job establishing the past attraction and having the heroine egg the hero into trying something new and daring.

“What do you say? Up to a little adventure?” Alexandra said. “You want a fuck buddy here I am.” His only reaction was the lifting of his eyebrows.
” I’m assuming there is no man in your life since you’re offering to be my lover.”
“Of course not.” Her body went on alert again. She didn’t want a man in her life, especially not Rafael, but she didn’t have a choice. She was out of options. She’d sell her soul to the devil at this point she was.
“Can we please cut to the chase?”
“I see you still have a temper.” He cupped her chin and tilted her face up to his. “Are you a natural blonde? With your temper I’d expect a red head.”
“How dare…” She couldn’t get the words out and fury filled her veins. “I’d forgotten what a chauvinistic pig you are.” Pulling away from his tantalizing hold, she surged to her feet.
“Answer me, Alexandra. Are you a natural blonde?”
Palms against his chest, she intended to push him away, instead flames of passion licked at her skin.
“I’m waiting.”
“Waiting for what?”
“Shall I find out for myself if you’re a natural blonde?”
“All you have to do is look at the roots of my hair and you’ll have your answer.” His fingers ran over her stomach and she bit her lower lip.
“Very well.” His fingers curved around her waist and her sigh of relief was short lived when he lowered his head an inhaled. “You smell like almonds. I never noticed that before.” His nose nudged her hair aside. “And it turns me on,” he whispered in her ear.
“Really, Rafael, this whole Latin lover act is getting old.”
“I can see I have a lot to teach you.”

Marie, love that you’ve started your scene with the line to kick things off! I’m curious about the situation the heroine finds herself in–looks like both your hero and heroine know how to hold their own in a conversation.

“Permission to come aboard,” Tanis called. Her gut wrenched, hoping Sloane didn’t respond. Something about the man caused her mind to wander to thoughts she preferred to avoid. She heard movement along the bow.

“Is that you, Tanis? Hell, you don’t need permission to come aboard your own boat.”

“I didn’t want to disturb you if you were sleeping or, um, otherwise occupied, Sloane.”

He reached for her hand as she made her way up the gangplank. “What brings you out here this late at night? I mean, I thought you were staying at the villa. That’s why your father gave me permission to bunk here for a while.”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about the listening devices you found in the communication building, Sloane. I’m concerned that someone will accuse daddy of planting them there, when it probably has something to do with the attempted coup by the Turkish government.” Tanis shuffled her boot against the African hardwood deck.

“Funny you should say that. I’ve been pondering the same thing. Is someone trying to frame Dimitrious Enterprises for the infiltration?” Sloane paused and took a drink of beer. “I’m considering a drive down to Lemesos, where the manufacturer of the bugs is located. Thought I might pay them a visit and inquire about any recent sales of those devices with matching serial numbers.”

“Do you really think they would reveal the name of their customer?”

“Perhaps they could be persuaded by a beautiful woman, one of their country’s greatest treasures.” A crooked smile made its way across his mouth and crow’s feet deepened while his eyes twinkled. “What do you say, Tanis, up for a little…adventure?”

Intriguing, Paula! You’ve set up an interesting premise here and I’m curious to know more 🙂 Nice job using the dialogue to show us how capable both the hero and heroine are in taking on the situation they find themselves in. We get the sense they will be great partners in solving this mystery!

“Ever made love on a beach of jet-black sand?”

Cassandra stabbed a hand on her hip and rolled her head. The makings of a smirk tilted the corners of her mouth. Jadon, still arrogant as ever, thought he could fluster her by flirting. She wanted to throw her head back in a fit of laughter but didn’t. Instead, she would give him a taste of his own medicine. Cassandra took a step forward, then hooked her index finger beneath his pinstriped tie. “Been there, done that. Had sand in places it should never be.”

Jadon quirked an eyebrow. “Really? When? Where? With who?”

Cassandra lifted her glass of wine and took a sip. “A real lady never kisses and tells, Jadon. I have half a mind to believe you, of all people, should know that, but then I’m forced to remember the truth.” The tip of her tongue glided over the bright red lipstick she wore before her lips curved into a smile. “The women you deal with are far from ladies.”

He chuckled. The deep, throaty sound felt more like a soft caress of the wind off the Caribbean sea against her heated skin. A delicious shiver raced down her spine, sending a jolt of awareness surging through her body. Cassandra shifted in her chair with the hopes of alleviating the throbbing sensation between her thighs.

“You may be right, Cass.” The way the nickname, only he used, fell from his lips should’ve been against the law or a sin. “But, now that I’m a little older, my taste in women, just like myself, has matured.”

Cassandra rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Yeah right.” Just who did he think he was? Besides third in line to the throne of Chaud. Prince Jadon had a chip on his shoulder. One she wouldn’t mind knocking or kicking off as she wrapped her long legs around his… She shook the thought away.

“Seriously,” he said. He advanced closer. The intoxicating scent of his signature cologne wafted to her nose. Her mouth watered. “I’m not as immature as I used to be.”

“You’re right,” Cassandra agreed. “Nor am I young girl who used to turn red as a beet each time you spoke to me. Those days are over. So cut the bull, Jadon. Stop trying to make me uncomfortable.”

Jadon sat back in his chair. “Fine, but I must admit, Cass. I enjoy watching you squirm.”

“So, make me squirm in another way, Jadon.”

Tiny droplets of the amber liquid he’d just taken a sip of sputtered from his lips. Jadon grabbed a napkin and dabbed the corners of his mouth. “Wh-what did you say?”

Cassandra stood. She downed the rest of the drink before pressing flush against him. The instant hardening of his body spurred her on. “I think you heard me. If you really like watching me writhe around, it should be in pleasure. I can think of a hundred different ways you could achieve that goal. All of which requires us upstairs in your very luxurious suite with a nice bottle of wine, naked.” At Jadon’s stunned expression, Cassandra snaked the tip of her tongue against the shell of his ear. Her hand cupped the heaviness of his erection through his tailored, black slacks.
“So, what do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

I love a royally steamy interlude, Kimmie! Nice job setting up the tension between these two here; it’s clear your heroine knows what she wants and knows how to handle this prince!

“Welcome Yellow Mountain camp grounds. How may I help you?”

“Yeah, I booked a cabin for three nights under the name Daniel Reins.”

“Okay, here are your keys and let me go through briefly the list of reminders about the campground and bear safety,” the lady at the desk went through the checklist for several minutes and then handed over the keys.

“Finally. I thought she never finish with that checklist,” Tess announced while they walked away from the front desk.

“You’re not concerned about bear safety?”

“Who cares about bears when we’ll be in a cabin all night?”

“Come on. I think we should walk on the wild side,” he said. Then Daniel turned with a smirk on his face, “What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

Daniel and Tess found themselves at beginning of the Apache mountain trail. Several have passed when Tess begins to feel the irritated.

“For some reason, I thought ‘adventure’ meant sexually. You know, scruffy man face on my neck whispering sweet nothings as we travel along a road to a sweet divine bliss,” she spreads arms wide and continues with exasperation, “Look at this place! We’ve been hiking for five hours and that manager at the camp said that there were no showers when we checked in. Daniel, I can’t live without a shower every day.”

At this, Daniel turns towards Tess, “You know it’s as they say, ‘life’s tough so wear a helmet.’”

“Ouch! Flicking me in the head is not becoming of you.”

“Suck it up buttercup.”

“In your dreams.”

“Don’t you know it,” he winked and continued on hiking.

I really enjoyed the playfulness of your scene. You kept taking the reader in unexpected directions, which I loved. I especially liked the banter at the end of the dialogue.

Casey watched as Mark positioned himself carefully against the bar, tilting his hips forward just so to advertise what was on offer. She raked slowly up over his impressive body to catch the smirk playing around the edges of his mouth.

“And you said you weren’t interested in anything I’m packing,” he said, his deep voice resonating within her.

She leaned in, letting her warm breath roll over his neck as she brushed a hand over his pants appreciating the hardening length she felt there before moving on to his hip and gripping the hard bulk strapped to his side. “Hmm, Walther PPK, if I’m not mistaken, and let’s face it, Mark, I rarely am. Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond? Can’t say I’m surprised. You’ll need something more than that to catch my interest.”

He gripped her hand and moved it around his waist, briefly flitting over his hard, muscled ass before settling on the small of his back and pressing it over a second, concealed weapon. “And what do you make of this?”

Always so forthright. Casey smiled. “Pert. A nice handful.” She allowed her fingers to trace over the weapon. “A Ruger. LCP?”

“You know your pistols. What else can you identify from touch alone?” She pulled her hand away and he raised an eyebrow. “Oh, you’re not shy, are you, Casey? I expected more from someone so…accomplished.”

“I won’t say the package you present isn’t intriguing, but it’s hardly mind blowing. More staid and predictable from where I stand, and I do so hate to be disappointed.” Her grin was cutting, sarcastic with an evil twist, but he was a big boy, he should be able to handle it and then some.

“Don’t worry that oversized brain of yours, Casey. I can switch it up just fine when needed.” He lifted his glass and took a long slow slug of his single malt. “If you’re a good girl, maybe I’ll show you what else I’m hiding.”

Casey laughed, took a step closer. “Ankle holster times two, because you’re an ambidextrous shooter. Shoulder holster to the left. And don’t think those cargo pants hide anything. You have thigh holsters with various blades, and,” she ran a hand over the front line of his chest, pausing twice before letting her hand drop away, “two concealed blades in your Kevlar, which is impressively light, by the way.” This time his smile was genuine. “It must take you forever to get naked,” she added. “A shame really, to hide all that toned muscle under so much metal.”

“I don’t need to be naked to be entertaining.”

Casey ran a manicured fingernail gently from his temple to his chin and relished Mark’s shudder. “Sweety, if I wanted to be entertained, I’d buy a ticket to Broadway.” She stepped in closer still, pressing her body against his, and her lips against his jugular. “I prefer to be thoroughly devastated.”

Mark turned his head into her neck and breathed in her scent. “I’m up for that challenge,” he replied, his voice a low deep purr of promise. “So, what do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

“Mmm, now there’s a thought.” She stepped back, a light smile playing around her mouth. She reached for his glass and knocked back the last of his single malt, celebrating his wince at the waste of such exquisite liquor before placing the glass gently in front of him. “Call me when you graduate from Kindergarten,” she placed a hand over his, where it lay on the bar and reached in to place a chaste kiss on his forehead. “So far, the report card says, ‘great potential, but needs work’.” His face shut down, hiding all thought and emotion. She winked at him and turned, strutting triumphantly from the bar.

You certainly did a great job with this exercise! The hero and the heroine both knew what they wanted, and they weren’t afraid to use their words and body language to ensure that their intentions were understood. I want to know what would happen next for these two. I certainly hope they would have another encounter soon after this one!

“What about now?” He whispered. “What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

“Get away from me Peter!”

“Get away from you. I love you!” he said grabbing her wrist.

“You don’t love me, you love yourself!” She was about to slap him when he caught her right arm.

“Let me go!” She yelled.

“What is it? What did I do?”

“I saw you with the woman! The beautiful one with the body that went on for days. I know what you were thinking.”

“You do, do you! Well I will remember to give my sister the sentiment,” he said anger flashing.

Morgan’s face fell…”What?”

“My sister. Okay?”

“Peter l’m so sorry.” He looked pretend put out. “What can I do to make it right?”

“Well I can think of a few things,” he said, mischievous.“You are so lucky I get over things easily.”

“Yes I am. You’re much a better person than me.” They both laughed, chuckled really.

“So about that adventure.”

“You know I’m in. I will be in. I’ll spend eternity with you.”

I loved how you played with the line you were given. At first, you used it to bring out the tension between the hero and the heroine. Later, it emphasized the change in their relationship over the course of the scene. Great idea!

Everything about him shouted confidence. And it was obvious Mr. Grant was dangerous to women. But Gloria wasn’t the kind of woman to let such a minor point interfer with her getting the talent she wanted. If she did hire him, he’d learn to behave himself and keep out of the boss’s way. There would be no dating of employees. His own pleasure seeking rituals would be done on his time, not company time.
“When would you be available?” She hadn’t decided one way or the other to hire the man.
“Right away,” he said without missing a beat, offering an engaging smile.
“I’ve been told I can be a bitch to work for. And I tend to bark out orders.”
He said nothing, simply siting there, offering her his full attention.
“Nothing is planned around here and then again everything is planned right down to the last detail. I need someone who is fast on his or her feet. Thick skinned. Dedicated. A team player, yet with the drive and creativity to work solely on his own. And of course there would be travelling. Paris. Switzerland. Some of my suppliers are there.” She closed his file and pushed it forward, as if there was nothing more she could learn from it. He’d been in her 40th floor private office for almost twenty minutes. “Your credentials are most impressive, Mr. Grant. But the real question is whether we can work together successfully. I won’t try to mislead you, just to get someone in a hurry–someone with your obvious background and talent. We both know I’m in a spot right now with my last V.P. of Marketing leaving so suddenly. We’re in the middle of several important campaigns. And…”
“What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”

I really appreciated your decision to use this line in a new way. While most people would choose to use it as a flirty statement, it was interesting to see the line used as a way to open up the characters’ relationship. There is an obvious undercurrent to the scene, but you also successfully set up a story that could continue from this point.

“Hey,” he said. “A week off in February, meet me in Paris, JFK to Charles de Gaulle, eight hours?”
“How do you like Dubai?”
“I want to see,” she broke off thinking of rivers and palaces and shops.
“I don’t care what we see, I just want time with the real you, not some high hat socialite who wants to make waves.”
“I’m a fool,” she thought.
“You asked me if I was up for a little adventure, I wasn’t sure what you meant?”
“Anything, everything, who knows and we don’t have to decide now. We can find out as we go along, as long as you trust me.
She laughed, “I do, and I want to be so wasted the first day back I fall asleep and they send me home.”
“No. I won’t make excuses, there ain’t no cure for love, anyway.”

You were able to include a lot in this short dialogue. I was able to get a sense of the characters and their relationship, which is impressive given the limited amount of space. Great job!

Kristin snatched her lips from his punishing kiss, and instantly was met by tow tormented eyes. He shook his head “I shouldn’t have done that”.
Still trembling from his kiss, she managed “Then, why did you?”
He ran a hand through his thick black hair “I couldn’t stop myself, you’ve become very reckless around guys, and I wanted you to know the after math of that”
“Guess what” she said, her hand at her hips “I don’t only wanna know, I wanna experience that so called “After math””
“But…you’re a virgin!” he greeted her dare with an ire that sliced more determination into her eyes.
“A virgin or had been ridden more than a horse at a rodeo, would it really make a difference” she stepped forward till her knees hit the upper of his thighs.
“Kristen” he warned, as his breaths were heaving up and down “You make it sound so simple, so easy-”
“Why wouldn’t it be….? You want me as much I want you… the state between my legs shouldn’t be an obstacle to two wanton souls” she pushed, her fingers playing with the first buttons of his shirt.
He caught her fingers, his eyes calculating “Ah, but then you’re not the one who’s going to take a road no man had ever visited”.
Sighing in frustration, she dropped to her knees, her eyes daring as they sat staring at his “Who said you’ll be visiting any roads, it’s gonna be an adventure”.
“Kristen” he breathed his next warning, as her fingers fumbled with his belt.
Succeeding in her mission, she unzipped his slacks, and without hesitation she freed his throbbing erection.
“Oh, god, Kristen” he groaned, his hands resting on her head, pulling her into his heat.
Smiling in triumph, she dared “So…What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”
“No” he grumbled, and taking her by surprising, he pulled her up, put a hand under her knees, one around her shoulders, then carried her all the way to the couch.
Dropping her recklessly on it, he started to shed his clothes “No, not a little, it’s gonna be a hell of adventure” he growled the words before blanketing her body with his.

Nicely done, Maggie. I love that the heroine is the alpha in this scene and “wantonly” encourages the hero to go on an adventure. Very Dare! Keep it going!

Its none of your business. You left me so don’t you dare come here acting like some vigilante or something. You didnt have the balls to tell me by or write me a letter. So I moved on.
Do you love this Trent like you love me? Leon asked standing awfully close to her. Does he make you laugh?
Does he know what you like? What you don’t like?
Look, Leon, I like him ok? Veronica said. Look I’m busy right now. I have cakes to decorate and you’re bothering me.
She pushes on pass him and he follows her to the kitchen. Leon wasn’t about to let her off the hook that easily. Z n n0


I told you I have someone else. You can’t come back into my life and expect me to welcome you with open arms. I’m not your damsel in distress. Veronica said rubbing her hand on her thigh after slapping Leon on the face. How dare he disappear and come back thinking things were going to be alright between them.
I said I was sorry.
Sorry doesn’t cut it.
What do you want from me?
Veronica moved away from him not sure herself. She was angry because he disappeared and yet she was happy he returned to her.
I’m sorry I had to leave so abruptly. Leon apologized. He grabbed her by the hand as she tried to walk away and held on tight. Veronica, can you forgive me? Leon spake against her neck causing her to gasp.
I don’t know. Veronica whispered.
Do you love me still? Will you leave him for me?
Leon, this is too much right now. Veronica leaned onto him and he lifted her face so she had to look into his emerald green eyes courtesy of his mixed heritage. How could she deny the love she still carried for him? He doesn’t even know she’s been single for awhile because she was waiting for him.
Leon bent and kissed her passionately. He felt her resolve melting. Looking deeply into her eyes and wiping away a tear he kissed her forehead and asked simply, What do you say? Up for a little adventure? Stop denying your feelings for him. She thought. Say yes!

Dear Kisha, You definitely capture the passion between Leon and Veronica. In addition, the point of view shows just how tormented Veronica really is. This scene also is full of emotional conflict. What I would suggest is using quotation marks in the dialogue so that the reader knows exactly who is speaking. Also, bring out more of the chemistry between the characters. A gripping read overall!

“Walk, Charlotte. We don’t have much time.” The voice was a graveled baritone she hadn’t heard in nearly a decade.

“What do you want?” she hissed at him as they continued their frog march down the empty corridor.

“What do you think?” A tinge of amusement colored his voice.

“Kane. You shouldn’t be here,” she said.

“Where else would I be on the eve of my wife’s wedding?”

“Ex-wife,” she reminded him. “And I’d suggest you go straight to Hades. Or crawl back into the bolt hole you ran to when you left me holding your bag of pilfered goods.”

“Pilfered? Goods?” He chuckled. “Still reading those pirate stories, are you Charlotte?”

“So what if I do?” she mumbled.

“It’s just nice to know some things never change.” His grip tightened on her arm as he pulled her to a halt at the end of the corridor.
Incedulous, she turned to face him.

“What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?” Kane’s single lifted brow and Hollywood bad boy grin were a taunt. A dare cloaked in joviality.

Charlotte pressed her lips together, forcing back the sarcastic retort dancing on the tip of her tongue. She inhaled sharply through her nose, allowed a cat-with-the-cream smile to tip the corners of her mouth and said, “Always.”

She watched the grin slide off his face and a spark of surprise light his eyes.

Suppressing a grin of her own, she plucked the stethoscope from his gloved hands, sliding the tips into her ear.
Then she dropped to her knees, placed the stethescope’s bell against the cold metal of the safe door, and twisted the knob. The click-snick of the tumblers falling into place was a familiar music to her ears.

Dear Cathy, This is an intriguing scene. I wonder what it is that this hero and heroine are about to do. Why did they break up? My one suggestion would be to show the sensuality/physical chemistry between them in a bigger way. Aside from this, a fun read.

“Dammit Caroline, you know how to test my patience.” Curling a hand around the back of her neck he pushed her back against the thick oak door.

“You never had any patience, Robert.” Her hands moved beneath the loosened ends of his shirt, her nails scraping lightly over tightening stomach muscles.

“Not where you’re concerned.” His head tipped forward, warm breath against her cheek as he whispered into her ear. “Caroline.”

“God, the way you say my name.” Nails scraped over tempting flesh in a slow, lazy circle. “It makes me want to.” She couldn’t speak when firm lips dragged in a slow progression across her cheek.

“I know what it makes you want to do.”

“You don’t.”

“Of course I do. I’m the one that taught it to you. The slow art of touch. The magic created in a spark along flesh. The ache it produces that only one thing can satisfy.” Each word accentuated by a corresponding touch. Reminding her body of the things he had taught, the things she’d been so eager to learn.

“You might have been the primary educator,” hissed between lips as hips instinctively press against hips. “But I found a professor that knew more.” Her words taunted just as her body did.

“I highly doubt that.” He made a small movement, pressing her farther back against the door bringing a succinct end to her minor rebellion.

“You would. Shall I become your professor now?” Her hand moved higher still beneath the loosened shirt until nails could skim over firm pectoral muscles. “You’ll be a poor student, I’m sure.”

His teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh beneath her earlobe in retribution for the teasing comment. “I think not. But you may never find out as there’s more I can and will teach you.”

“I don’t believe you.” Slipping the shirt from his shoulders, Caroline let her hands skim over his heated flesh, indulging in the feel of every hard plane and shallow valley.

“You will.” He snaked his arm around her waist curling in toward his heat as he turned them until it was his back pressed against the wall and her body resting against the length of his.

“I’ve seen that move before.” Bracing her hands on his shoulders, she rose up on the tips of her toes, and then eased back to the flat of her feet leaving her breasts pressed high against his chest.

His laugh rumbled through his chest, the vibrations of it causing a corresponding reaction in her diaphragm causing her breath to catch. “Have you, now?

Caroline nodded her head, her eyes dropping to watch the smile move across his lips before she used her nose to nudge the tip of his. “You’ll have to do better than that if you ever want me to call you Professor. What do you say? Up for a little… adventure?”

He pushed off from the wall as he lowered his arms along the length of her spine and over the firm flesh of her ass until he could lift her against his body. He felt her arms wrap more securely around his neck before one of her legs rose to curl around his hip. “With pleasure, Caroline. With pleasure.”

Super-sexy, Lissa! This is very Dare-esque. What I love is that how you intersperse arousing dialogue and description. Nicely done. Also, it’s sexy even though they still have their clothes on. Great job!

“And when did I ever come to you and say that your love was not enough, that you were not enough?”
“Sonya, we come from two different worlds. I am not worth either the loss of all that you have, or the loss of all that you have ever known.”
“Stop it! Just stop it. Don’t do this; don’t turn into one of them. This is our moment, and I won’t let them steal it, nor will I let you throw it away. I know what I want, and I know what sacrifices that I am willing and not willing to make.”
“You are so stubborn.”
“One of us has to be.”
“What do you want from me? What is it that I can offer you Sonya?”
“A family; a real family. All I want is what we have, or what we did have before we allowed others to try to turn us into what they thought we should be.”
Staring down into her eyes, her strength fills him and shoots adrenaline up and down his spine. Reaching for her, he takes what she has offered so freely as his lips skim along her jaw line. Inhaling the nutmeg scent of her hair, he smells on her the one thing he has searched his entire life for, a place to belong- the scent of home.
Nibbling her bottom lip he plunges his tongue between her lips, feeding both of their needs.
“Will I ever be able to deny you?”
Moaning, she melts into him. “Never.”
“Am I really that predictable?”
“I don’t know, let’s see. What do you say? Up for a little…adventure?”
“I’m up for more than that. I’m up for staking my claim.”

Savannah, Very sexy and emotional! This has potential for Dare and you bring out the sense of destiny between the characters. One thing to keep in mind is that Dare is even sexier so consider that as you write your story.

I hope this is not to late. I figured the blog wouldn’t allow certain terms so I had to improvise.

“Love isn’t for pansies.”

Mariah fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Love is for people who believe in moonbeams and sweet dreams.” She pressed her hand to his chest, licking her lips. “What do you say? Up for a little… Adventure?”

His eyes darkened, and he pulled her body closer to his. “I’m up for a lot of things.” He moved, spinning them and switching positions so she was pressed against the conference room door. Alonzo turned the lock in the door. He lowered his head and his breath caressed her ear.

Mariah arched her back, momentarily, they were groin to groin. She resisted the desire to pull him closer. Instead, she slid her hands up his pristine white shirt, over the fabric. She felt his hardened pectoral muscles pressing into her palms.

Her smile was sly, eyes hooded under thick lashes. “I thought you were all about love, sunshine and roses.”

“I want it all.” Alonzo nipped at her ear, “Love, powerful sex, intimacy…” He stroked her cheek, looked deep into her eyes, “Friendship.” He leaned forward, his arms surrounding her on either side of the door. “Does that scare you? To be with a man who knows what he wants and goes after it?”

“I don’t scare easy.” She slid from underneath his arms.

He grabbed her hand, pulling him to her again. “Prove it.” He trapped her between the door and his body.

“I don’t like dares.” She paused, “They’re for kids.” She spoke in a low voice. “If you want something…”

His lips crash down onto hers.

Mariah gave into the kiss, briefly, before pulling back. She laughed, “That’s not what I meant by adventure.” She trailed a finger over his chest, dancing across his nipples, “I’ve seen what you can do in the boardroom. And while it’s impressive….” She shrugged, “What I want to know is what you can do in the bedroom.” She raised her gaze, so she was looking into his eyes, “How much risk are you willing to take?” Mariah held his stare but slid her hands down his body, her fingers gripping the inside of the waist band of his pants. “How adventurous are you?” Her voice came out husky and full of arousal. Her head tilted to the side with a smile when she realized there was no fabric separating her fingertips from inching lower. She exhaled a breath, “Are you up for some fun?”

Alonzo smiled, “What did you have in mind?”

Mariah pulled his body against hers, hands gripping his behind and kissing him hard and full on the lips. She dropped her hands and Alonzo growled low and deep in his throat.

Mariah again slid from beneath his arms, this time with no resistance. She sauntered across the room, leaning over the large mahogany table, her legs slightly spread apart so he had full view of her ample behind. She started writing something on the notepad and gasped when she felt him grasp her hips and pull her up against his groin.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t have you hear and now.”

She turned, slid the paper into his inside jacket pocket. “Because I don’t like quickies.” She blew him an air kiss. “Be here in an hour. Be alone. And be prepared to stay all night.”

Also – I know it’s after the deadline but I wanted to post it since I had it. I was in the hospital because of the flu.

Gemma watched him. She knew he was angry about something. “Jordan, talk to me.”
“Why?” he asked gruffly.
“Because I want to understand. I want to help.” Gemma wanted to touch him, but didn’t dare. If she did, she’d not let go.
Jordan turned to her. “Gem, you don’t know what you are asking. I have… issues that I have never come to terms with.” He turned away, pulled his T-shirt off.
Gemma gasped when he did: those strong hard muscles rippled and bulged as he reached for another shirt. Her fingers began to itch. Wanted to touch.
Then, midway through pulling his shirt down, he grinned wickedly. “Like what you see?”
Now what was she supposed to say to that? She crossed to him, put a hand on his exposed chest. “Jordan… GOD yes!”
His hazel eyes searched hers for a long moment. “You tempt me. Shouldn’t.”
She snorted. “You’re the one that kissed me when I was in the hospital. I thought you wanted to start something! Perhaps I was wrong.”
He grabbed her arm when she turned to walk away. “C’mere, woman!” And his mouth crashed into hers.
Gemma moaned. “Jordan…” she said against his lips. “I’m here. Take me. Let me be the one you want.”
Jordan moaned, his arousal evident against her.
“Oh, baby, I’ll take, and it won’t be pretty. I’m not like my brother, gentle. I like things… rough.”
“I can do rough, as long as you want. However hard you want. I’m not a shrinking flower, you know.”
Oh… now that did it. He had been going to hold back. But she just had to say that. her shirt went flying over her head. “You want rough? You got rough, baby. I’ll fucking show you rough.”
Gemma’s knees were about to give out and she sagged against his hard body, hard… arousal. “Just do it.”
“Believe me, baby, I will. What do you say… up for a little adventure?”

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