#WritingChallenge: What’s your bad boy hero’s opening line?

Lately at So You Think You Can Write we’ve been all about bad boys and anti-heroes. Love him or hate him, the bad boy hero is a perennial favourite for romance readers.

So this week’s writing challenge is short and sweet: Give us your bad boy hero’s opening line to the heroine. Sweet, sexy, funny, or dangerously daring – it’s up to you. No description, context, dialogue or backstory, please—one line should say it all!

Post your bad boy’s opening line in the comments any time between now and Sunday, October 29, 2017, and we’ll pick our Top Three on Monday, October 30!

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“Look, Naomi, I’m just gonna ignore the fact you came banging on my door with accusations and tell you something. If I find out who scratched you from the bronco event, I’ll thank him. The rodeo is no place for a woman, so go home.”

“Riley James, one day, you will find the woman of your dreams,” my mother used to tell me when I was growing up. Suffice to say, she was right. Yeah, don’t ever tell her I admitted that truth. But, she was indeed right. I did find the woman of my dreams. Sadly, that woman never paid attention to me in a romantic way. But oh, did I watch her.

She must have watched him come out of his room and stumble over to the banister, fighting the urge to hurl… ‘Smooth’ Trevor admonished himself, “I’m sorry, you startled me. I thought I was alone.” Trevor said breaking the spell.

She must have watched him come out of his room and stumble over to the banister, fighting the urge to hurl… ‘Smooth’ Trevor admonished himself. “I’m sorry, you startled me. I thought I was alone.” He said breaking the spell with a grin.

The second one is better. Plus I said Trevor twice in the first. It’s from a WIP so I haven’t edited yet.

“Look lady, if you hadn’t surprised me as I was swinging the hammer, the TV would still be on the damn wall!”

“Your fiance’s loss is my gain,” Nik murmured in his deep tempting voice, lips just a breath away from hers.

“Well, well. Who do I find outside my hotel suite door at midnight? Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood? You pick, darling.”

There is something quite moving about this line. Instantly draws me to your hero and makes me wonder what has gone on in his life. Great job. 🙂

Call me old fashioned, I like my woman in the kitchen and the bedroom. But I’m prepared to take you right here in the hall if that’s what you want.

FANTASTIC as always, Fiona! You have an artistry with words that makes characters leap to life. I also love the characters you write too. Always such a pleasure to read your works, Fiona. 🙂

Get that dress off, Cathy, and chuck it in the bin. White was never your colour. And we both know I’m never going to let you marry that loser. Not today. Not ever.

Bad Boy Hero Opening Line from my contemporary Paranormal Romance:
Grant Robert MacGregor and Death were on a first name basis.

Love this Tambra! With only a few words you have portrayed your hero in a very impactful way. Great job! 🙂

I really liked this. I wanted to know what happened for him to say that and what she looked like. I sensed tension. Yes!

“Little Bo Peep,” the man yelled across the dance floor, “over here.” Jenny swiveled her eyes to take him in. She had noticed him before.
“Leave those lambs alone,” he said, “they’ll come home later.”
“Yeah,” she thought, “wagging their tails behind them.” That didn’t seem likely with this guy, but it was Halloween and BP carried a big stick, she realized with a giggle.

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