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Hello everyone,

As you know, passion and chemistry is central to a good romance, and this weekend our #writingchallenge for you is…

Tell us about the moment your character realizes that their one-night stand is their new boss!

How do they get past that?!

Looking forward to having a read of your wonderful responses!

The SYTYCW Editors x

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Elise was humming. For the second time that morning. She’d caught herself doing it while buttering her toast. Now she was walking along the corridor to the board room, holding her skinny flat white and humming something slow and sexy by Beyonce. *Embarrassing.* Especially when people were looking at her curiously. She was known as the White Bitch and not because of her platinum blonde hair. She never, ever, hummed or sang and she only smiled when absolutely necessary. Usually in the presence of a client when she snagged a lucrative advertising contract.
She’d almost forgotten the meeting called by the new CEO. That’s apparently what happens when you’ve had the best sex of your life. It had been so long since she’d let herself go there, it had come as a shock. *Multiple orgasms mean mellow mornings.* Maybe she could use that in a campaign. If Sandy whatshisname even needed to be the subject of a marketing push. The image of him, draped across her king bed, every last rippled muscle outlined by the early morning sun sent a sharp surge of wanting deep down. She sucked in a calming breath and entered the meeting. He was out of her life, slipping from her bed at dawn.
Placing the coffee on the polished timber surface, she greeted her colleagues absently. The big man wasn’t here yet, going on the two empty seats halfway down the oval table. Good. It gave her time to open the files she needed on her tablet. The buzz of conversation hardly impinged as she primed herself for the presentation she half expected. No-one had caught her unprepared since high school. She made sure of that by checking and rechecking every possible scenario.
A sudden silence alerted her to the arrival of the new man, headhunted from a rival New York agency. Aleks Rokva. She’d seen a photograph of him on the website. A bit of a hipster, with longish dark hair and beard and pale eyes half obscured by dark rimmed glasses. The two men entering the room bore no resemblance to the image she recalled. The first was a ginger haired, slightly built boy in his early twenties, no doubt hoping his neatly trimmed beard made him look older.
The second… Elise swallowed the sudden, choking lump in her throat. Tall and broad, this was undoubtedly the man in charge. Somewhere between New York and London he’d cropped his glossy black hair short and shaved off the beard to reveal a firm square jaw. He’d abandoned the heavy framed glasses, allowing her to observe the disturbingly familiar silver-grey eyes with less pleasure than they deserved.
He moved around the table with an athletic grace that reminded her all too clearly how well muscled his lean body was under the bespoke suit. It looked just as good as the casual jeans and cotton shirt he’d been wearing at the local bistro two blocks from her apartment. Conveniently close, as it turned out. Drinks and a meal with a delightfully accented stranger had ended with a hot and sweaty romp that raised her temperature all over again in recollection. *Please don’t be blushing.*
*He was going to acknowledge her?* “Sa—? I mean, Mr Rokva. Welcome to Sattler, Paul and Associates.”
His lips stretched, showing strong white teeth. They’d left marks on her body that burned under her bland, French navy corporate suit. His bright gaze pierced the light wool cloth, as if he saw the lacy scraps of fabric underneath. Could a day really go from sublime to the depths so quickly?
“Please, call me Aleksanda, or Sander. I feel our previous, ah, acquaintance warrants a little informality.”
Everyone was looking, eyes speculative. Now would be a good time for a sand pit to appear in the lush carpet and swallow her whole.

Going from the big city to a small town should’ve made her feel better, centered her world a little more. After having mind-blowing sex two days prior, her world still wasn’t feeling very balanced. But this move was supposed to make her life better.
She could already see the change from the Big Apple to this small town. More air to breathe. More space to hide away. And her favorite part. No one, absolutely no one knew what happened.
Well, that wasn’t completely true. Her new boss was aware of the reason she left New York. Regardless of everything that went down, he was still willing to hire her. No interview was even necessary.
Although, she supposed it helped her captain knew the chief of police here. Good friends. Old college buddies. He had sat her down, told her he reached out to his old friend and she could start anew. No more whispers. No more stares. No more people looking at her with blame.
Not one to hesitate, whether that was a curse or a blessing, she said yes right away. Two weeks later, she was landing at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, unsure of where to go. Head straight to her new home, or wallow in a bit of self-pity before she started a new life.
She opted for the self-pity, hitting a bar that she couldn’t even remember the name of, trying to get lost within the sea of people. The moment her eyes landed on the cowboy sitting on the stool near the end of the bar, she knew her night wouldn’t be ending alone. He had given her one sultry glance and there was no returning from that.
Walking side by side, the silence a comfortable one, they walked back to her hotel room after sharing a few drinks and talking about nothing.
One night of bliss, of pleasure so extraordinary, she wasn’t sure if she imagined it all in her head. He knew where to touch her without pause, invoking the ecstasy with one simple touch. She could still feel his hands running over her body, exploring, learning, memorizing every inch. By the time morning came, she woke up to an empty bed. His very existence vanished without a trace.
She wanted to go back to that happy moment, where everything felt beautiful, untouched from the real ugliness of her life. Instead, she stood in front of the place that was now her new home.
Monticeto Police Department.
Taking a deep breath, she walked into the building with her shield firmly in place, her memories locked deep inside.
“Good morning, could you direct me to Chief Sullivan’s office? I’m here for my first day of work,” Isabella said with the brightest smile she could muster. Fake. It was all so fake.
The petite blonde woman behind the desk looked up with a serene smile. “The chief’s been waiting for you. Down the hallway to your left, last door. Selena. Nice to meet you. Isabella, right?” She stood up, holding her hand out.
“Most people call me Belle. It’s nice to meet you. And I’m actually fifteen minutes early.”
“Yeah, I know, but he gets antsy waiting. Doesn’t matter the reason.” She laughed, then shook her head with embarrassment. “He’s not mad or anything. I didn’t mean to give you that impression. He’s a great guy. You’ll like him.”
“I’m sure I will. I’ll see you later.” Isabella smiled, walking away before that conversation became more awkward.
She followed the directions with quick footsteps, anxious to get this introduction out of the way, especially if he hated waiting. She wasn’t even late. Boy, was this really her new life? Would this be better than the hellhole she had been living in? She liked to think so, otherwise she had no idea where else to go.
Knocking on the door labeled, Chief Duncan Sullivan, she waited two seconds before a voice hollered for her to enter.
“Good morning, Ch—what the hell is this?” she grounded out with patient anger as the man from her delicious night sat in front of a massive oak desk.
Chief Sullivan raised a shocked brow, then slowly stood up, the anger quickly forming on his face. “Good question. What the hell is this?”
“Is this a joke?”
“I find nothing about this funny. How did you find me?”
“Find you? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Images of his tan, lean, naked body flashed through her mind as he rounded his desk. His loose pants gave nothing away of his muscled thighs that had held her with strength against the bathroom wall.
“Did you look through my wallet while I wasn’t looking? I should arrest you.” His eyes trailed up and down her body as he said the last statement, making her think he wanted to arrest her just to get his hands on her again. If only.
No! Absolutely not. Nothing about this situation was right.
“Arrest me for what? Acting like an idiot and sleeping with a man I barely knew. Because otherwise I’ve committed no crime.” She propped a hand on her hip, trying to show indifference when deep inside she was quivering with lust. Even with the rage plastered on his face, she wanted to throw him down to the carpet and have her dirty way with him. Perhaps she was still living in her dream world, trying to escape the remains of her life.
He walked up to her, directly into her personal space, and to her tortured mind, within kissing distance.
“Then explain to me why the hell you’re here.”
“Isabella Tally, reporting for duty. You hired me two weeks ago.”
His features paled as he took in the information. Expecting him to back away, he stood immobile instead. “You said your name was Belle.”
“Yeah, short for Isabella. You said your name was Jack, and you were wearing a cowboy hat. Where’s the hat?”
He ran a hand through his hair, almost like he was searching for that very hat. “People call me by my middle name…Jack. And I only wear my hat when I’m not working. Clearly I wasn’t working that night.”
“Do you always have an attitude? I don’t recall an attitude that night.”
“There wasn’t a need for an attitude. There’s a need for one now.”
“Well, we have a problem, Belle.”
She sucked in a breath, thankful that she didn’t unpack one single thing. It would make it easier to move once again.
“What’s that, Jack?”
He sighed heavily, running another hand through his hair. “I just hired you for a position I desperately needed to fill…and I want to kiss the daylights out of you right now. So I guess I just will.”
“Will what? Continue to let me work here.”
With a slight shake of his head, a devilish smile emerged on his lips. “No. Kiss the daylights out of you.”

Brilliantly done, Amanda! LOVE the chemistry between your hero and heroine. 🙂

I really love how you set up the past she’s running from – I wanted to know all about what had happened to make her move towns! Plus very fun and sexy when they’re on the page together again 🙂
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

“Ma’am, there’s a Captain Mathieu waiting to see you,” my corporal poked his head in my door to give me the unwelcome news.

Great, probably one more pilot to deal with. No doubt here to complain the water in the showers wasn’t hot enough. Or his sheets weren’t ironed.

“Thank you West, send him in.” I schooled my features and closed the file I had been updating. I had four people out sick with the flu, two on maternity leave, one on paternity leave, two on regular leave and one in jail. This new posting was not quite what I expected, but then they never are.

Captain Mathieu walked in and came to attention. I stood to receive his salute and return it.

As our hands dropped in unison I really looked at the captain. Oh crap.

Instead of sitting down, my legs gave out and I dropped back into my office chair as I stared at the deepest, darkest liquid chocolate brown eyes I had ever seem. Again.

“Good morning Major.” There was that incredible voice with a hint of a Quebecer accent. He had whispered such lovely things in French to me when we had been between the sheets. That one night.

Time to suck it up Holly and take your lumps.

“Hello Captain Mathieu, nice to see you again.” I gave him a steady look and he finally dropped his eyes down to actually look at me instead of the plaque that hung on the wall behind me.

First he frowned then recollection dawned on his tanned face with that square jaw and chiselled lips. His knife edge grin was nowhere to be seen. True, my wave auburn hair was up in a regulation bun and I had minimal makeup on, but my green eyes were a distinctive emerald colour and I still had the beauty mark at the corner of my mouth.

“Major Elkhorn? Holly–. I mean I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were, you.”

“It’s alright Captain. I didn’t realize you were you until just now either.” I had gotten most of my equilibrium back.

He blinked those impossibly long black lashes at me. I could see he was trying to figure out how we go on from here.

“Have a seat Mathieu, I won’t bite.”

A smile flirted at the corners of his mouth as he removed his beret and sat down in my visitors chair and put down his brief case. He was probably thinking about when I had bitten him, gently. And how much he liked it. Unfortunately I was senior officer here, I had to keep this professional.

“What can I do for you Mathieu?”

“It’s what I can do for you ma’am. I’ve been sent here from 1 CAD to relieve some of your staffing issues.” He took a folder out of his brief case and offered it to me.

“I though Major Havel was coming down,” I said as I reached for the file folder and we exchanged brief physical contact. He held onto the folder a moment longer than necessary and met my eyes. His were heated and no doubt mine matched. We share a potent chemistry still.

We had share quite a weekend at the convention. No last names, no personal histories, no ties afterward.

“He was called to Ottawa. I’m his replacement.”

Which meant Mathieu would be under my authority, so hands off. That killed any growing anticipation on my part. Was that regret I was in his expression?

“So what are you going to do for me?” I tried not to put any extra inflection in my voice, but it slipped in anyway.

Now I did see a smile. Mathieu rubbed it away with a firm hand. “I’m going to look at your wants needs and figure out a solution.” He tipped his head as he looked back at me steadily. “To your staffing problems,” he added and cleared his throat.

“So you’re only here temporarily? How long.”

Mathieu lifted on thick black eyebrow as his eyes centred on me. “For as long as it takes. Ma’am.”

Fabulously written, Yvonne! So LOVE the twist on your heroine being the boss. 🙂

Really enjoyed the unique set-up and how tough Holy is – she faces up to their shared past really brilliantly!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Valerie sat in the quiet car of the train from the Rah Station into New York. She flipped through her new phone, angry with herself for having lost her other the night before. She thanked God the Cloud held everything and she’d recently backed up her system. Other than that, she’d be lost and late for her new job.
“Oh, damn. His number isn’t in here.” The whisper to herself, obviously, not as low as she thought it was, according to the angry, pursed lipped faces turned in her direction. Apologizing, she pulled the end of the earphone from her ears.
Folding her arms across her chest revealed the real reason of her frustrated search. Her breast still tingled from the passion of the night before. As did every part of her. The extra ten minutes in the shower had only strengthen the sensations and the memories. If only she hadn’t forgotten her phone and her damned car key. Or drank too much, or fallen into the arms of the most gorgeous, sexy man in the room, jumped in his bed and had the best mind blowing night of her life… she wouldn’t be sitting horny as hell on a train where a frustrated moan would get her stares. She could be in her car hopefully having a hot conversation over the airwaves.
She sighed- a hundred million times throughout the train ride and quick walk the blocks to her final destination. Stumbling through the door. Slowly spinning, Valerie absorbed the interior of the lobby. She’d been here before. The huge statue of the man in the middle was unforgettable. It was Albert Bastian Sr. , CEO and founder of Bastian Enterprises. She’d joked about it with “him,” the night before. The, “Daddy I’m home and I brought a girl with me, ” had been shouted loud and drunkenly clear. This was his father. She’d had a one night stand with her new boss.
“Oh, my God.” The humiliating shock of the reality stunned her for a second before she spun on her heels. Turning straight into a solid chest.
“You aren’t leaving without these, are you? ”
In the palm of his hand, sat her phone, keys, and her future.

This is so romantic! Such a wonderful piece of writing! LOVE the last line!
‘In the palm of his hand, sat her phone, keys, and her future.’
What a fantastic line! 🙂

Haha what a *killer* last line – love it!! I want to know what her comeback is!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

“Where the hell is she?” the snarled question rang out like a bullet across DeSouza’s open plan office.  Immediate silence descended, one hundred heads simultaneously swivelling towards the disturbance.

Mia, who had just taken a bite of comforting donut squinted at the commotion.  Since she had started temping nothing exciting had ever happened on the accounts floor where she had been relegated to a corner desk out of the way.  Munching appreciatively on the forbidden confection she could just make out poor Mr Symonds, the Department Manager, struggling to placate the giant at his side.  The interloper was slightly screened from her vision but the broad shoulders that filled the doorway dwarfed the slight figure next to him.  Clad in an exquisitely conservative three piece suit it seemed at odds with the danger emanating from him.

Seeing the two male heads in question turn to look at her, Mia was shocked when Mr Symonds pointed her out to his aggressive companion.  Her brown eyes widened in bewilderment as she glanced in alarm at the giant, her heartbeat going into overdrive at his look of furious accusation.

“Holy, mother of God!” she choked, the sweet treat sticking ominously in her throat. Mia went hot and cold as recognition struck. She knew that beneath that pristine suit his body was all hard, primed muscle. An intriguing tattoo at odds with his expensive attire adorned his shoulder blade and wrapping his strong bicep. The last time she had seen him he had been naked, his bronzed body sprawled face down on a luxurious hotel bed. Unashamedly she had taken full advantage of his sexual expertise, using and abusing his body to near exhaustion for her novice pleasure. She may have been a virgin at the start of the night but come the morning she’d been all woman. Her thighs tightened with remembered lust. Mission accomplished she’d crept out at the crack of dawn, the walk of shame completed with a decidedly jaunty step.

She’d never in a million years thought she’d see him again yet here he was locked on to her like a heat seeking missile. Swallowing hard to dislodge the trapped confection she absentmindedly noted the rugged attractiveness of his face.  Strong black brows emphasised pure cerulean blue eyes so hypnotising she forgot to breath.  His angular jaw was tense a betraying pulse flickering erratically beside the straight slash of his pursed lips.  Thick black hair stood up in disarray giving the impression he had been running his hands through it in frustration.

Mia snapped out of her observation when 6ft4inches of angry male bore down on her like an avenging angel.  Her donut slipped out of her hand with a soft thud rolling lazily across the floor to rest against his shiny black shoes.   Unknown to her the indulgent treat had left a thick sugary trail around her full lips .  Aware of the unnatural silence in the office, broken only by the incessant shrills of unanswered phones, Mia shifted nervously in her chair.  A long blonde curl escaped it’s haphazard topknot drifting down to rest against her cheek.  She jumped in alarm as he moved his foot sharply scattering sugar in the process.

Keeping her eyes glued to the helpless pastry she was silently willing him to move when his words shattered that hope.

“You are Mia Scarlett Brown?” his dark voice questioned.

Raising her eyes reluctantly they traversed the length of his impressive body before becoming ensnared in his penetrating gaze.  Her stomach flipped at his raw masculinity, body tingling with illicit memories.

“Yes” she whispered.

“Come with me”.  Without giving her a chance to answer he grasped her firmly by the arm, practically frogmarching her out the office.

Mia was aware of being the centre of attention for once in her life as all eyes avidly followed their progress, yet no-one dared do anything to halt them. Mr Symonds even held the doors open as they passed through, nervously smiling whilst simultaneously trying to melt into the wall.

As they approached the lift she had a moment of belated rebellion, struggling against his strong grasp to no avail.  

“Let me go dammit!” she demanded, infuriated when he ignored her calming pressing for the lift.

“Just who do you think you are?  What’s going on?” she cried out in apprehension.

As the doors opened she was unceremoniously pushed in before hearing them slide softly shut with a fatal whisper.  The silence hummed with tension so acute Mia struggled to breathe.  The very air seemed to shrink inside the suffocatingly small space making her lungs work overtime, pushing out her ample chest with each rapid breath.  His long perfectly manicured finger faltered before pressing the button to the top floor as he turned to stare at her, his vivid blue eyes drilling into hers with ruthless intensity before dropping to her blouse straining under the exertion.  His demeanour had changed from explosive fury to chilling calm.  Her hands became clammy as a rush of dread swept through her, she found his leashed anger somehow more worrying than his overt display of anger.  The icy glint in his gaze sending a corresponding chill through her body.

Mia felt his thumb slide lazily across her mouth, spreading a tingling rush of heat in response to the unexpected action and gentleness of his touch, before he shocked her by licking away the sugary residue.  The intimate action freezing both of them.

He finally spoke “I am Carlo De Souza”.

She felt her mouth drop open in horror, eyes rising automatically to the De Souza logo that was stamped above the mahogany panel, just as it dominated the rest of the building. Her stomach went into free fall, mind quickly putting two and two together in dawning comprehension.  Lights danced in front of her eyes and she was vaguely aware of his muffled curse before promptly collapsing at his feet in a pool of darkness. 

What a way to lose her V-plates! Love this twist, as it puts that bit more at stake for her! Very fun and dramatic!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

“Raylene Carmichael, how the hell do you make the walk of shame look so good?”
Ray winced, not bothering to complete her attempt at a silent entry into her apartment. Her best friend and roommate’s drawl made the action a moot point.
“Hey Jules, what are you doing up?” Ray attempted to deflect, praying her bra and panties stayed tucked safely into the deep pockets of the coat draped over her arm. It had been bad enough hunting around for the damn things this morning. Her bra had been playing hide and seek under the pillows strewn on the floor by thrashing, reaching limbs. Her underwear were harder to find, somehow ending up on the top of the curtain valance. It had taken a chair and one of her stilettos to retrieve. She should have just left it there, but the thought of some housekeeper coming across the fire-engine red lace waving like a flag in the breeze from the nearby heater vent made Ray cringe.
How the lingerie hadn’t been turned to ashes by in that wild tangle of horizontal friction was a mystery only a thermodynamic physicist could explain. Hot. So hot.
“Whoa, that good, huh?” Julie smirked around a sip of coffee. “I told you that dating app was a hot-man gold mine! Was he as hot as the pic on his profile? The one you sent to me in case you went missing and he got all weird and slashy?” She was loving this, Ray knew. The tip-toe after dawn routine was more Julie’s move, with Ray doing the “Where have you been young lady?” role.
Dropping her purse onto the counter, and oh-so-carefully draping her coat over the back of a chair, Ray sank into the seat across from her friend. She plopped a newspaper onto the table. The darn thing kept being delivered, even though neither of them subscribed. It bore a hole in the middle from her shoe.
“Did you call to get this stupid thing cancelled? I nearly went hair over heels when I stepped on it.”
Julie just grinned. “You got laaaaiiiid,” she said in a singsong voice. Ray’s failed attempt at a stealth-mode entry gave Julie a magazine full of razz-your-roommate ammo, and this was just the first salvo.
“Fine, yes. I -” she hesitated. She didn’t want to call it something that basic, or cheap. It had been scorching hot, and nearly feral, but there was more – a connection that went deeper than other physical encounters she’d had. There’d been chemistry with others, but this time it was like flipping a USB port for the third time and sliding in without a hitch. It was effortless, mindless passion with an easy intimacy. “I had sex. With a man I met last night.”
“Don’t make that face. No shame in two consenting adults, blah blah blah,” She waved her hands, dismissively. “Right?” Julie searched Ray’s face, and Ray knew her friend was asking without so many words if the whole thing had been consensual.
“Definitely consensual.” Ray said, her steady gaze reassuring. Then, she looked down, her face flushing. “As in five or six times worth of consensual.”
Julie whooped and presented her hand for a high-five, unbothered by Ray’s lethargic reciprocation. Picking up the newspaper, and shaking it out dramatically, Julie grabbed the entertainment section. “Headline, Ray Carmichael Gets Hers in a Sextuple Header!” she pretended to read.
When Ray’s strangled gasp didn’t follow with a laugh, Julie looked up.
“What? Innuendo is the way to go with headli-”
She stopped, realizing Ray’s reaction wasn’t to the fake headline, but something on the backside of the page Julie was holding.
She flipped it around, seeing advertisements and a couple of minor stories, including one about the new owner of a theater -. “Oh. Crap.”
Ray just nodded.
Just below an ad for piano tuning was the image of a handsome blonde man beside a ticket booth. “Uh Ray, tell me that’s not who I think it is.”
Ray couldn’t speak, the words backed up in a freak-out traffic jam.
She’d just had the only one night stand and the best sex of her life – with her new boss.

Love the banter between Ray and Julie, it feels so fresh and sparky! I also like how Julie’s the one who’s there when Ray realizes who the man is – a nice twist on the revelation moment!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Giggling, Sophie had found, was an inappropriate response to stress. So, probably, was sex with a stranger. But as a stress reliever, it was hard to beat.

It had been an attempt to relieve stress that had prompted her to get out of the Chicago for the day. She knew of an obscure state park that somehow managed to escape the city’s nature-seeking masses. It had the most amazing waterfalls and ponds, if one knew where to find them off the beaten trails.

Sophie arrived at the inviting pool in the isolated clearing less stressed, but still hot and sweaty. Skinny-dipping had seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Apparently the lone male hiker that came upon her in the pool thought so as well. The very attractive, lone, male hiker.

She’d never had a one-night stand before. Sophie didn’t know about the night part, but she figured the stand part qualified. At least one of the times had been up against a tree.

Sophie giggled again. Those that were congregating near her in the conference room’s growing crowd frowned in her direction.

She had been regarding the tree with a euphoric glow after the hiker given her a last hard kiss and a heated look before the greenery swallowed him up on the trail. She’d been admiring the strong trunk that had supported her back, while he had – well, he’d supported her front. The admiration had transitioned quickly to an intent look when she’d noted the poison ivy that draped itself around the trunk, much as she had draped herself around his gorgeous muscular trunk and thick…branches.

Sophie had dashed back into the water hoping to wash off the urushiol oil before it could make her life miserable. But she’d missed some spots, and the red and the itch were starting to make themselves known.

Definitely not what she needed this week, when it was going to be miserable enough without any additions. Sophie giggled again. Aware of the surrounding glares, she tried to stifle it. There was another problem with inappropriate giggling as a stress reliever. When Sophie tried to stifle the giggling, the results were snorts. Sophie knew her snorts were neither attractive nor quiet.

She couldn’t blame folks for their irritation. Most everyone was on edge. The new owner that now had control of the paper after a hostile takeover was in today. His company was one known for streamlining and cost cutting. For eradicating redundant departments, a category of which Sophie figured she was a part. So here she was on Monday morning, itchy and redundant.

Sophie figured she could get other work in the city, but she loved her job. Some of her co-workers had looked the owner up. Sophie didn’t want to know what he looked like. Executioners were always hooded in the old days.
The whispers started going around that the big man was approaching. In order to avoid a giggle or a snort, Sophie did something she never did, because she knew better. She scratched. One of the places she could reach, anyway. Her face flamed with embarrassment as she thought about scratching the other itchy places. Places only major league baseball players were allowed to touch themselves in public.

The room grew silent when he entered. They referred to him as the big man. Sophie just barely managed to muzzle a snort. She could attest that it could pertain to him in all areas. For the man that was going to screw her career was the one who’d screwed her personally on Saturday.

The big man was getting a telltale blossom of red on his lean cheek. Sophie furrowed her brow at the location. The poison ivy had been down by her hip and um, other parts. Her eyes grew round as she recalled some very enjoyable moments when his face had been down by her hip and um, other parts. She wondered where else he had poison ivy. Her ensuing snort reverberated through the silent room.

The big man’s eyes scanned the room and stopped on Sophie.

I’m a little bit O_O at her having fun with a chance met stranger in a park but you portrayed it well.

I really enjoyed the flashes of humor throughout this – poison ivy is definitely one way to ensure neither of them forget their steamy encounter! Great stuff.
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Rory held her head tightly between her hands. She had to keep it from shattering. She also kept her teeth tightly closed – she didn’t want to upchuck anything else. For six months she’d worked hard to be healthy and fit, avoided all alcohol – and then she blew it all twelve hours ago. That was stupid.
Mitchell, another member of the crew, dropped down on the dock beside her. “Hey, Rory, not looking so good. Didn’t you manage to pull that guy last night?”
Rory glared at him with bloodshot eyes. “Yes,” she said tersely, through her gritted teeth. “Never again.”
Mitchell raised his eyebrows. “He was a dud? That’s a shame. He looked promising. Oh, there’s Jeff. Let’s see if he succeeded.” And he hopped up again and headed back up the dock.
Rory was amazed at his recovery from the night – and wondered just what they’d mixed in that last drink. She briefly thought she should tell him the never again was for the shots, rather than the guy. The guy had been okay – possibly good, but the mist of alcohol made everything fuzzy. She was pretty sure that post coitus she’d run for the toilet, and when he appeared in the doorway, she’d waved him away. He’d tossed her a blanket, and she’d found a glass of water and some aspirin on the counter. So at least he’d been nice. It was just that she was so embarrassed that she’d blanked out most of the night – or those shots had.
It was a stupid thing to have done, the night before starting the Volvo Ocean Race. 9 months, 40,000 miles, racing around the world on a multi-million dollar racing sailboat. She’d been dreaming of and working for nothing else for years. It wasn’t easy, being the only girl on the crew, but she’d worked so hard – and last night had been yet another attempt to be one of the guys. But never again.
The salt air was helping with her head. That was good – they were just waiting for the new captain to show up and then they’d board the boat, and be ready to race. She had to be able to function then. She saw the rest of the team getting to their feet – the new captain must be here. She carefully let go of her head, and rose cautiously to her feet, pleased that the dock had stopped swaying around her.
There was a tense silence, and Mitchell and Jeff were blocking her view down the dock. She peered around them, and saw the captain. Her jaw dropped.
It was the guy she’d picked up last night.
9 months, 40,000 miles, and up to twenty straight days at sea. Rory promptly vomited over the side of the dock.

Brilliant set-up, Anne! Love the way you’ve written her reaction to the thought of having to spend all that time with him! 🙂

So enjoyed this! Poor Rory!! I want to know what happens next! Hopefully their next night together will be more memorable 🙂
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

I don’t know if this qualifies. I’ve never written this scenario before.
“Holy shhh…crap!”

“It’s okay!” Ryan caught the candlestick flying at his head. “We’re married! It was our wedding night!”

“Uh…wha…” Leila’s red face showed no memory of their nuptials.

Back when they were both mere assistants, he needed to remind her of everything. Heck, he even bought her tampons. “We came to Vegas so you could marry…well, another guy and… But, he never showed, so…”

“I married you instead? Oh my dog, I must’ve been so drunk!” She looked him up and down like vermin on two legs. “Or maybe just really pathetic after getting ditched at the altar.”

“Well, I…I…” Ryan backed away behind the kitchen counter for added protection. “I…I thought…that…”

“What did you think?” Leila picked up a frying pan.

“I thought you wanted to mmmarrry me.” He pressed his finger into a ketchup smudge on the counter and smeared it around.

Leila looked at the ring on her hand and screamed like it was a spider. “Why the hell would you do this to me?”

“Because I…” His voice came small, a last gasp of courage. “I love you.”

“But, you’re…” she pointed at him and then smacked her own chest “…and I’m… We have to get an annulment!”

“There’s no hurry.” Ryan tried his pleading puppy dog eyes, the same look that won extra cookies from his mother. “The honeymoon just started.”

We don’t have a Vegas in Australia so we can’t do the impulse wedding scenario locally. So much fun. Is he her boss or is she his?

Thank you! He’s the new boss, but they were co-workers before. I just made it up minutes before posting, so I don’t have the whole story yet.

Well, I figured the instructions didn’t say it had to be a one-time thing for *both* characters. 🙂

Her reaction to the setup is a hoot. He seems like nice guy and will win her over eventually!

Waking up married to your ONS is a whole new level of awkward!! But I’m sure he’ll be able to win her over…:)
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

> She had never imagined such a bundle of luck would befall her, in the Brew Room on a working week night. Not luck exactly, but something akin. Luck, she was calling it only because her previous relationships had started on a spark, run a cliched, bland course, remaining annoyingly solid until she had forcefully brought an end to it.

> But this one- it had started right on the casual dot, progressing as a no-frills, no-fuss and ending where it should.
> “Sure my sedan can be left by the compound?” He had raised the most offbeat pre-lovemaking question but something she guessed from the top of his mind when they had settled on her bed.

> “Yes, of course,” she had replied keeping it simple.
> But after that, when he had taken her into his arms, he had shown her what he was capable of. With surprising ease, she filled in the willing spaces he had left for her in the lovemaking, mutual fetishes and small pleasures met with along the way. By the time their combined passion had heightened, she had found the nerve of familiarity in him. And, together, they had floated to the summit and found themselves again, after.
> It was not until the wee hours in the morning, after he had left, had she found herself thinking about him. His ease had opened some hitherto unopened doors in her heart.
> “I got up thinking about our summer together in the farmhouse,” she made an early morning call to mom, breaking six long months of stony silence.

> “I am planning to visit next month. Keep my old room for me,” she said surprising herself and before mum drifted off thinking about dad. “Your warnings about flings are proven wrong, ” she felt tempted to add. No, let this be her nugget of experience, her secret. Short, sweet and no strings attached. No vulnerabilities exposed, she was happy to go against one of the countless Bhagnari family virtues drilled into her.

> Off the call, she took a moment to let the peace she was bloating in, flow inward. Arun! His name wandered to her from nowhere. That was also the only detail she knew about him. Good. Happy. Perfect.

> She was delayed, she knew even without looking at the clock. Hurriedly dressed and ready for work, she climbed down with an armload of things- dropping them promptly at aunty’s feet, as she retrieved her floor key.

> “No breakfast. New boss, first day, feed Naughty for me, pleeeease and sorry.” She pushed the Vespa off the stand and deposited the load in the side box. No helmet- she would have to dodge the sergeants today.

> The heady feeling of accomplishment buzzed more when she kick started the Vespa. No more drab hook ups, only one night stands, but on weekends, at least until the new guy is used to her late coming, she told herself as she passed the plush lobby and into her tiny work space.

Anju peeped in even before she could make a quick run to and back from the ladies room. 

“Chronic late comer. Run now before you spoil his first day and your first impression.”

Her warning sent a guilty chill through her.

“What’s he like?” She fished, gathering back the load from her desktop, nevertheless, for a hint. Young was all the grapevine claimed.

“Find for yourself.”

She was knocking on the CEO’s door before Anju turned the corner.

“Yes,” she heard him say and entered.

“Nithya, your Secretary. Sorry I am late. Got…” She paused as her eyes met his.

“Arun” he stretched his hand for a shake. She couldn’t act, react.

“You have something on your hair,” he spoke in the gap before she could gather her poise. 

Offbeat again.

I’m so intrigued by your off-beat hero – it makes him feel so unique! I hope their relationship development from this point on is just as quirky and fresh.
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

The alarm sounds waking Taylor from her sleep. She had the crazy, best dream ever. It happened in the elevator. They were going to the fourth floor of the hospital when the elevator got stuck. Taylor tries not to panic. The most handsome and most available bachelor Dru something is with her.
Calm down. Dru had said. Don’t panic. We’ll be fine. Taylor, you’re with me and I won’t let nothing happen to you. Taylor laughs.
Dru, you’re cute and all but we’re in an elevator on the fourth floor where we could just fall any moment. How you expect me to be calm! We have no phone!
Dru got very quiet then backed her up
against the wall. Taylor looks up at him. You need to calm down. He said. Relax. Close your eyes and kiss me.
You heard me. Kiss me.
Like that’s gonna happen….
Taylor realizes she has fifteen minutes to get to work. At least her clothes had been picked out the night before so she got her emergency backpack kit complete with a towel, washcloth, bottle of liquid soap, coco butter, deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush and ran out the door. If nobody was paying her any attention she could run into the nearest restroom to scrub up real quick. Once at work Taylor realizes she left her panties out of the kit. Oh well. Can’t do nothing bout it now. At least they won’t be stuck in the crack of her butt but her pants might decide to take a crack at it.
Bout time you made it!
Taylor’s best friend and trouble maker, Sandra Holmes grabbed her by the arms. They go on rounds together checking on patients just as a man wearing a white lab coat came up to them. He looks at Taylor as if he recognized her and she seemed to know him too. He’s wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope hung about his neck. Sandra Holmes took it upon herself to introduce them as they entered an exam room. Another doctor came by and asked if he had already examined the patient. Taylor felt heated chills as Doctor Dru looks at her and said, I have. And the results were fantastic.

A fun set-up! As every Grey’s Anatomy fan knows, hospital elevators are a hotbed of sexy encounters!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

He was rolling on another condom…

It was the third one of the night and Colleen was grinning as she lay on the bed in anticipation. She had slipped on a sexy red thing and the silk against her skin was driving her insane. He was moving so goddamn slowly, gliding it on like it was the pole of a broomstick instead of his you know…manly part. “Alright lover…come on back already.”

He stopped what he was doing and put his hands casually on his hips. “First you have to tell me what my name is.”

“What?” she asked feigning horror and turning over on the bed, displaying her hiny, hoping he would forget his question. Thing was, she didn’t remember his name. David, Damon, Fabio…who the hell knew. And who the hell cared. It wasn’t his name she was after. “Come on,” she did a little shake and giggled, throwing her head back to look at him. Her face all smiles and her best come hither look.

“Know what I think? I think you’ve forgotten my name.”

She scoffed and turned over and sat up. “Fine.” She chewed her lips, while her eyes narrowed thoughtfully, then she said, “Frank.”

He rolled his eyes and smirked. “Close…Try again.”


He chuckled now. “Closer…try again.”

“Come on lover…’ she said patting the bed with a little pout. “Do you even know my name?”



“Care to tell me…again?” She licked her lips wondering how long these introductions were going to take. But she had to bite the bullet…because obviously he needed to…talk.

“It’s Damian…Damian Hill.”

“Well, Damian Hill,” she said with a smile and patted the bed again. “Pleased to make your acquaintance. Now get over here and whoa!” She stared at him, her heart beating faster as she studied his innocent expression. No…it couldn’t be. She took a deep breath and then asked, “Damian Hill as in Hill Enterprises?”

“Yes…How did you know?”

She felt all the colour drain from her face. No. She was not having this conversation right now. Not while half naked, her breasts exposed and his body willing and waiting. She didn’t have conversations with her bed partners…but he was her boss. Her boss. All this gorgeous naked man that made her eyeballs sing to the heavens was the very man she would be meeting tomorrow in the hotel lobby? Damn her shit luck. She should have been more discreet. She knew he was staying in the same hotel…but what were the chances? It was a big hotel…the biggest in the city. She looked at him and blinked while he stood there narrowing his eyes curiously and waiting for her reply. He didn’t know she was staying here, because how was he to know her apartment was being painted?

“No reason,” she said and patted the bed again. “I think I overheard someone talking about you in the lobby, that’s all. See I have a good memory too,” she said and winked at him. “Now come over here lover and do that thing you make me do.” She moved further back on the bed as he approached her. His body tight and beautiful like a God that had dropped down from the sky. It sucked he was her boss. Oh…well, a small glitch, she thought and gave a mental shrug. It was one night and it had already proved unforgettable, so what was one more time? She’d explain tomorrow and tell him it would never happen again and they would get passed it. But for now…she wasn’t giving up tonight for anything, not when her present was already wrapped!

Oh my goodness, Karen! Absolutely LOVE the way you’ve written this! Brilliant! 🙂

Woah…that could have been a passion killer. She’s some girl to get right past it.

A great twist that she finds out his identity mid-encounter! And love that she brazens it out anyway 😉
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Take Two
“You missed the presentation. I suppose you were tied up in code as usual.”
William blinked as he shifted his gaze from the screen to his colleague in marketing. Daryl’s pristine grey suit, pale blue shirt and navy paisley tie forced him to remember his own jeans and sweat-stained t-shirt were sadly inappropriate for the occasion. He hadn’t planned on pulling an all-nighter when he’d come in late Sunday. He’d been restless after what happened Saturday night and the alert had been a life saver, taking his mind off what had happened. Off her.
“You wanted the system running at peak performance when the new head of operations arrived, didn’t you?”
Daryl smirked. “You bet. She’s on her way here now.”
“Shite. How long have I got?” He scooped the paper coffee cups and food wrappers from the desk into the rubbish bin and shoved it under the desk.
“Thirty seconds.”
Not a hope of getting to the bathroom to change. He rummaged in his filing cabinet and pulled out a clean shirt as Daryl moved away to the hall door. William could hear voices and the staccato click of heels coming closer. He yanked the soiled shirt over his head and reached for the clean one as Daryl ushered in the swarm of executives. *double shite*
He knew most of them. As head of his department he met with them regularly. They got on okay considering most of them were a good ten or more years older than his own twenty-four. The group parted to let through a face he didn’t know with an elusive familiarity.
Standing up, his shirt still in one hand, he frowned at the diminutive woman eyeing his bare chest with something very like disdain. Her reddish brown hair hung straight to her shoulders, fashionably streaked. It didn’t suit her, elongating her face and accentuating the pointed chin. The eyes widened, chilly despite the rich hazel colour, her pencilled brows arching over heavy lids, weighted down by thick mascaraed lashes.
It wasn’t her, but she could be an older sister, maybe thirty or a bit more. A severe, prudish older sister in a tan pencil skirt and short jacket over a white blouse that buttoned right up to her throat.
Daryl coughed to cover a laugh and William glared at him. *Traitor.*
The woman stepped forward, small, neatly manicured hand extended. “Agnes Childe, and you are…?”
“William Dorcht. I.T. operations manager.”
His fingers were dark against the pale lustre of her skin. A tingle, like the shock he sometimes got from an unearthed machine, ran along his veins. It reminded him of her, the girl who’d invited him back to her bare apartment after he knocked her tray of drinks, drenching them both. But it couldn’t be. That girl was younger, more his age, with curly hair and freckles.
She tugged her hand away, smoothing her skirt over her hip with her palm. “You have an impressive set-up.” Her gaze scanned the room, resting finally on the screen he’d been working on. “You run the whole system from here?”
“Generally. I can access it remotely if necessary. We have a good team.” He indicated the group at the back of the room, working conscientiously.
“I’d like to meet them.” She leaned forward to look at the code on the screen, her hair flopping forward. One hand tucked it back over her ear and then he saw it. A small elongated bruise under her right lobe, partly obscured by her heavy make-up. He’d put that there. His first attempt at a love bite. It was too much of a coincidence. *Shite*. He’d managed to shag the new boss. And it looked like she had no intention of acknowledging it.

Another fabulous piece, Fiona! I am a huge fan of your writing. LOVE the way you paint pictures with words. You have such a beautiful writing style. 🙂

Very fun to get the hero’s POV too! Like the love-bite detail too.
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Lilly stomped on the brake, but it was too little too late. She dropped her mascara brush as the faded red hood of her truck made contact with the back of a shiny new BMW. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling the fresh mascara wet her eye lids. Damn it!
Judging by the stomach churning sound of twisting metal, the impact was severe enough that her engine stopped running. Oh, this can’t be good.
Lilly peeked open one eye to see steam layer over the windshield. A man in a suit got out of his car and began to march toward her.
Great. Just great.
“Are you alright, are you hurt?” the stranger asked, forcing open her driver’s door.
“Not hurt, just really, really late for my new job…Blake?”
Their eyes dove into each other as memories of last night’s stranger danger circus sex materialized into a mutual horrifying reality.
“Lilly? What are you doing on a Porter company road? This road is for personnel only. Damn, I know what we did last night was amazing, but hell! Wait. Are you stalking me?”
He stepped back from her truck while the shock of his words mixed with the realization that she might have done the Discovery Channel mating ritual with a fellow Porter employee.
Her knees shook when she climbed out of the truck but he held out a hand to steady her.
“Stalk you? What, do you think I am… crazy?”
His blue eyes shifted to the two vehicles. When she turned to look, the impact weirdly resembled a position they tried sometime last night. She swallowed.
“I’m not stalking you, Blake. I’m supposed to start my new job today as a secretary for some jerk who interviewed me over the phone,” she said trying to wipe at her eyes. By his expression, she’d only made it worse.
“I interviewed you over the phone because I didn’t want to be late for your brother’s party. And you sounded sane at the time.”
“I am sane!”
“Really? Because you just totaled a fifty thousand dollar car and you look like a raccoon.”
“Are you going to stand there and insult me or are you just going to fire me and be done with it?”
His upper lip raised at the corner. “If I fire you, how the hell are you going to pay me for these damages?”
“I can’t work for you! It will be too weird now!” she hollered, feeling the burn of embarrassment heat her neck.
“Take the job and I won’t call the cops.”
“You won’t?”
“I uh, don’t usually end up in bed with people I don’t know,” she suddenly blurted, feeling the need to explain. He folded his arms across his chest, an all knowing twinkle developing in his eyes.
“Good. Because you make one heck of a party favor.”

Really enjoyed the dialogue of this, and the humour running through it – the line about the cars resembling one of the positions they’d tried last night made me laugh out loud!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Two days late, he called.
“Miss Randall? Susan? I apologize. We can meet this morning.”
His voice was low and masculine, very appealing, but nothing in his tone that told her that he was sorry.
Not that it mattered at that point. Stefan Andersen was the boss and she was new on the job. What could she do if he was not available to meet her?
Could she spend some time sightseeing? it was April in Washington and the cherry blossoms were out?
If only, but then how could he know if she didn’t tell him herself what happened to her.
It could have been much worse. Everything that could go wrong didn’t. I know, I know, that’s not what was predicted. Still, a lot could happen in forty-eight hours and did.
She had flown from San Francisco to Washington, DC, arriving the day before her job started, with enough money in her purse to get through the week until her first pay check, if she was frugal.
Losing the heel of her shoe on the escalator was just the start of it. The push from behind was a ruse to grab whatever they thought was valuable. She had worn her best pair of shoes, too nice to wear on the plane, but she wanted to walk into the city, like she owned it. She turned her ankle as she struggled to right herself.
Susan wanted to weep. Everything was gone except the phone in her hand.
The man who stopped to help was handsome, his gaze on her too intense to be unintentional. His arm was there, helping her up, offering to take her to wherever she wanted to go or call someone for her. There was no-one Susan knew in Washington, no contacts except for her new employer and she had no intention of telling them, not at this point. A shelter would have to do, if he could help her to find one, she would call them.
The decision to go to his place made no sense.
She didn’t do things like that and she didn’t go with men who took strange women home. It was like a line of dominoes falling, once begun there was no way to stop it. She needed quiet. He had cooked her dinner, pasta with vegetables, fresh fruit, good wine followed by strong coffee and they talked. Well, perhaps, she had talked and he had listened, but they had come together in ways that made her feel that she had known his smoldering eyes on her before. She had found the possibility of love in an unexpected place. She felt new and whole for the first time since the wedding had been called off. Being jilted had shut her down. The physicality of it shocked her, but there was no other way that she could express what she felt being with him.
So a delay in starting work had been okay with her, but at some point she needed to come back to real life. At last she would talk to her boss. He had time today and would like to meet her if she would come into the office overlooking the Potomac River. The building was their own design. She was a junior architect at a firm that did cutting edge designs.
The board room lived up to the hype, a long room with polished concrete floors and steel and glass desks. It would have been sterile except for the view of the river, changing all the time.
“Would she walk in and take a seat? He is checking blue prints.”
He didn’t like to be interrupted, so if she would simply wait for him, he would get to her. This was the project was the reason she had taken the job, and at last, she would see the extent of what they planned to do.
Change was happening to her, and maybe that was what she needed in her life. Her thoughts strayed from material specification back to last night.
The sun was low in the sky and she could not make out the face of the man she would be working for. His body was like a coiled spring, all energy and intensity. Tall, like Stefan, broad shouldered and straight backed. She suddenly longed to see Stefan again, take his face in her hands and caress him.
It couldn’t be. It was not possible, the coincidence possibly one in a million. Two days ago he had excused himself to make a call and laughed about work that he had no right avoiding.
Smiled at her,” only for you,” he said.
Out of the room at the same time she had received the text giving her a couple of days off before reporting for work.
Susan thought about Stefan’s smile as he told he was free too..
Suddenly, the heat was back. She could feel it rise in her core. There was nothing in the room besides the two of them.

Love this so much, Kathryn. Love how you show Susan’s vulnerability and how she finds new happiness after being jilted. Great job! 🙂

Stefan sounds delicious and kind – the perfect combo! No wonder she went home with him 🙂
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Thanks for the feedback, interesting. That was my concern reading some romantic suspense, the male character seemed thin and just written in to be a foil to the action that the woman went through. So I am glad if some hints of who he is are showing.

Serena walked out of the building, feeling the morning sun on her face. But something didn’t feel right. Usually, after a one-night stand, she was relaxed and invigorated, but not this time and that bothered her.
Hailing a cab, she climbed in, giving the driver directions to her apartment. It was only a couple of blocks, but she wasn’t in the mood to walk, nor the condition. After a long night of hard sex, all she wanted to do was grab a hot shower and get to the office.
Her cell phone vibrated in her purse as the cab pulled up in front of her building. After she gave the driver the fee, she answered the call.
“Serena, you need to get here as fast as you can.” Her assistant talked rapidly on the other end.
“Todd, what’s wrong?” She got in the elevator as she talked, pushing the button to her floor.
“There’s an emergency meeting in one hour.” His voice was anxious, telling her it was serious.
“Who’s the meeting with?” She stepped off the elevator, walking to her door.
“Everyone, they’re calling everyone in on this one, so that tells me it’s big.”
“I’ll be in within thirty minutes. If you find out anything, call me.” She unlocked the door and quickly showered, dressed and went back out the door in twenty minutes.
Her heels clacked as she walked across the lobby, grabbing the first elevator. The coffee that Todd handed her as she stepped off the elevator was lifesaving. She gulped it down quickly as she tossed her purse and briefcase on her desk. Todd followed her in, shutting the door behind him.
“Alright, what’d you find out?” Serena said as she shrugged out of her jacket and placed it on the back of her chair before she leaned a hip on the corner of the desk.
Todd sat down in the chair in front of her. “Well, the scoop is the company was sold to some billionaire business mogul.” He leaned forward as he spoke. “And, they’re announcing it to the employees in this surprise meeting.”
Serena tapped her chin with one finger as she thought about the news. “I didn’t know the company was up for sale. When did this happen?”
“All I know is what the other assistants are saying.” He shrugged as he sat back, crossing his legs.
“I wonder who this billionaire is? Any ideas?” She looked down at Todd with a serious expression. Was it someone they had done a piece on before or had she heard of him somehow?
“The talk at the coffee pot was that whoever he is, he’ll be at the meeting, which…” Looking down at his phone, “starts in ten minutes.” Todd stood up, moving toward the door. “Make sure you tell me everything as soon as it’s over.” He gave her a wink as he strode out the door to his desk.
This would prove to be an interesting meeting. Serena grabbed her agenda and pen, then walked out of the office. Everyone was looking a little awkward, standing around the entrance to the boardroom. She spoke with several of them as they moved through the door, not knowing what the meeting would hold.
She sat down in her usual place with her back to the large windows. One of the assistants offered her a mocha latte. Glad for another jolt of caffeine after her lack of sleep, she gladly accepted it. Her mind drifted to the night she’d spent with a stranger. Serena’s body reacted to the memories. Crossing her legs and taking a long sip of the sweet, hot drink she closed her eyes for a moment.
Then she heard someone whispering beside her, so she looked around to see the back of a man’s head at the other end of the long table. He looked familiar, so maybe she’d seen him in an article somewhere. Then as she took another sip of her drink, he turned and their eyes met. Instantly, she choked on her latte. This had to be an overactive imagination, he couldn’t be the man from last night.
Serena looked down at the table for a minute, trying to get a grip on her nerves. Surely this wasn’t happening. Taking a chance, she looked back up and those blue eyes were still locked on her. The slow, sexy smile that spread across his lips made everything inside of her heat to a dangerous level. He nodded at her, letting her know that he remembered her too.
At that moment, her boss came into the room and started making introductions between the team and the man from last night. When he got to her, Mr. Winder smiled, “This is Serena Pearson, she’s one of our top ad execs.” The man stood beside her, his gaze lingering on her lips as he reached out to shake her hand. When his hand enveloped hers, the heat that ran up her arm was unmistakable.
“Nice to meet you, Serena. I’m Derek Browning.” When he let go of her hand, she felt the loss somewhere in the middle of her chest.
The meeting lasted about an hour as Derek told them his plan for the company. He planned to keep all of the employees that already worked at the advertising agency. That gained a sigh of relief from many of the people at the table.
Once the meeting was adjourned, Derek motioned for Serena to stay after for a minute. So, she sat and waited for everyone to make their way out of the boardroom.
Derek stood and walked over, sitting on the edge of the table beside her, his thigh brushing her forearm. “Well, isn’t this cozy?” His voice was like warm sugar rolling off his tongue in waves of heat.
Serena looked up to meet those eyes, “So, you’re a billionaire, that’s now my boss.” Something about those words made a thrill run down her spine, mingled with uncertainty.
He reached out and touched her arm, just barely. “It doesn’t have to be weird Serena.” His eyes spoke volumes as they darkened.
“Why would it be weird? I just spent the night getting to know my new boss in more ways than anyone else.” She rolled her eyes as a rumble of laughter came from beside her.
“Yes you did. But neither of us had any idea about each other.” He ran his fingers up her arm. “We’ll just pretend last night didn’t happen.” Then he stood up, straightening his tie.
“Sure, that’s a possibility.” She said as he walked out of the room, then under her breath, “Not going to happen. How do you forget the best sex you’ve ever had?”

What a great, strong Alpha heroine – something tells us Derek’s going to struggle to forget her!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Groaning inwardly Piper looked at the sleeping figure next to her. His dark hair was tousled and his gorgeous chiseled features relaxed, in sleep. What had she done? It was so uncharacteristic of her to have a one-night stand with a complete stranger. Without dwelling on it she quietly slipped out of bed, dragged on her clothes and swiftly left his hotel suite.
Piper jabbed at the button for the lift, willing it to fly up to the floor she was on. Nervously she glanced over her shoulder half expecting to see the handsome stranger come after her. But why would he? She didn’t have anything to offer him, or hold his attention. A small mirthless laugh escaped her. She hadn’t even been able to hold Chad’s attention and she had thought they were happy, ready to make a permanent commitment to each other in the form of marriage. How wrong she had been! Apparently someone else had been stoking his fire. That someone being his secretary. He had told her so the day before when she had by chance come across a sexy text his bit on the side had sent him.
He had been forced to come clean and it was that which had led her to locate the most exclusive restaurant in London and to go there with not the intention of eating but finding someone who didn’t see her as undesirable.
She had been sat at the bar and her gaze had met with a pair of blue eyes which seemed to be able to see into her very soul.
If she was completely honest, during her three years with Chad not once had he made her feel the way this stranger had within those few seconds of eye contact. Breathless, she had watched him excuse himself from the group of men he was with and come over to her. They had talked briefly before he had invited her over to his hotel suite. She had accepted.
It had been a crazy and dangerous thing to do, but her world had just crashed in around her and she hadn’t been thinking very rationally.
Mercifully the lift arrived. Rushing inside, she sighed a sigh of relief when the door slid shut.
Flagging down a taxi she climbed in and gave the driver her address.
She didn’t need a man to validate her worth but in that moment of weakness she had needed to feel desired. The stranger would never know what he had done for her. He had made her feel special. And that was something she would cherish.
Glancing at her watch, she realized she had only an hour in which to grab a shower and a quick change of clothes before meeting with the new CEO of the firm she worked for. And it wouldn’t do for his PA to turn up late on the first day of meeting with him.
A little under an hour later, feeling refreshed and in command of herself she rapped lightly on the office door and waited. Hearing an order for her to enter, she opened the door and made her way inside, closing the door after her.
With a smile she turned around and glanced at the man seated behind a large mahogany desk, his eyes blue eyes boring into her.
Piper’s smile slipped and her heart began to thud against her ribcage.
She must be seeing things! This couldn’t be happening. The stranger she had spent the night with was staring right back at her, his eyes smouldering with something she didn’t dare to acknowledge.
“Well, this is a surprise.” he drawled, leaning back in his chair and fixing her with a look so intense, it made her composure fall away.

Really liked Piper’s motivation for the ONS, it was very empathetic. Hopefully he’ll restore her faith in men, in and out of the bedroom!
Flo & the SYTYCW Editors x

Thank you so much for the very kind feedback, Flo and the SYTYCW Editors. 🙂 xoxo

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