Writing Challenge results: Our Top 3 opening lines!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #writingchallenge on Friday!  We asked for your best bad boy hero opening lines, and you delivered. Your entries were creative, intriguing and entertaining. We loved reading them all, and had a very tough time picking favourites! But after much deliberation, here are our Top 3:

“That’s my ride over there. It’s full of gas and headed towards trouble. Wanna ride?” — Amy

Yes we do! We’re totally on board with this bad boy hero’s invitation.

“I really should not be allowed the opportunity to breed.” — Kimber Li

We’d love to know more about this witty hero—and the situation that led up to his hilarious remark!

“Look lady, if you hadn’t surprised me as I was swinging the hammer, the TV would still be on the damn wall!” — Ellay

This was a favourite of all of ours. We loved the humour and element of surprise!

And, because we couldn’t stop at 3, here’s one more bonus entry:

“The Post was supposed to send a pompous asshole with a soul patch, dark glasses and a hat. You don’t have a hat.” — Anne

Great job, everybody. Your entries, and your heroes, were irresistible.