Writing Challenge results: Our Top 3 opening lines!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #writingchallenge on Friday!  We asked for your best bad boy hero opening lines, and you delivered. Your entries were creative, intriguing and entertaining. We loved reading them all, and had a very tough time picking favourites! But after much deliberation, here are our Top 3:

“That’s my ride over there. It’s full of gas and headed towards trouble. Wanna ride?” — Amy

Yes we do! We’re totally on board with this bad boy hero’s invitation.

“I really should not be allowed the opportunity to breed.” — Kimber Li

We’d love to know more about this witty hero—and the situation that led up to his hilarious remark!

“Look lady, if you hadn’t surprised me as I was swinging the hammer, the TV would still be on the damn wall!” — Ellay

This was a favourite of all of ours. We loved the humour and element of surprise!

And, because we couldn’t stop at 3, here’s one more bonus entry:

“The Post was supposed to send a pompous asshole with a soul patch, dark glasses and a hat. You don’t have a hat.” — Anne

Great job, everybody. Your entries, and your heroes, were irresistible.

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My opening line is honored to be the first alternate and will be prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of the top three opening lines if any of them are unable to fulfill their duties.

Congratulations Amy, Kimber Li, Ellay and Anne! I can see why the editors had a difficult time after reading all the entries. I

Oh, dear. Actually, I didn’t have a story in mind to go with that one. I’m on an Anti-Alpha Male streak right now. However, I do have an Alpha Male character waiting in the wings, demanding his turn. We’ve been fighting over that for a year now. I let him play around in my current novel and he keeps trying to butter me up, and I’m like, ‘No, I ain’t buyin’ it.’ Now that his line got this, he’ll be all, ‘See, told ya so!’ Good grief. (Thanks! 😉

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