Writing Challenge: A Medical Conflict

Are you thinking of submitting to the Harlequin Medical Romance Blitz? Has our Monday post from the Love Inspired team got you thinking about romantic conflict in your plot? This week’s writing challenge combines both!

Dr. Hallie Bloom is new to Elizabeth Blackwell Medical Center. The pressure’s on to prove her worth and pay off the crushing debt from med school that two years of disaster relief in Haiti has done nothing to lessen. It’s irritating that wealthy, accomplished trauma surgeon Jelani Robinson seems to have it so easy – even more so given he’s gorgeous and really quite charming. But Jelani isn’t all that he seems…

In a short scene, illustrate the internal romantic conflict between these two ER docs. Show us, in the words of Monday’s post, “The reason why your characters will not and cannot fall in love.”

Post your short scene in the comments anytime between now and Sunday, March 10, 2019 and we’ll check back with you on Monday!