What has Harlequin Editor Clio Cornish Been Acquiring?

Our London office has been busy acquiring some exciting titles. Here’s Clio Cornish (@ClioCornish, Editorial Assistant for Harlequin® KISS™ & Harlequin® Romance) giving us the scoop on  Amber Page, a fabulous new author for KISS!

When I first read Amber Page’s submission to So You Think You Can Write 2013, my attention was instantly grabbed by her super-sexy working together story. I loved that the heroine’s uncharacteristically wild night had such jaw-dropping consequences, and couldn’t get enough of the heat between the central couple (especially once they’re competing for the same job, when their chemistry proves an epic distraction from the task at hand!). I was also really drawn to the heroine’s determination to get ahead as a woman in the irresistibly swish man’s world of a New York ad agency.

At around 30,000, the submission fell short of the word count for SYTYCW, but the idea at its heart showed way too much potential to let it get away that easily! I emailed Amber to ask whether she’d be interested in working with me to develop her story – and I was super-excited when she confirmed that she would.

Amber then worked incredibly hard, packing her story with emotional punches, teasing in scorching levels of tension and chemistry, and pushing her characters as far as possible. With each round of revisions we saw a tighter plot and firmer motivations, and I was absolutely over the moon to be able to make the HUGELY deserved Call to her last month. For Amber’s side of the story, visit her blog here: https://amberpagewrites.com/2014/03/the-one-call-every-writer-wants-to-get.html

Amber is a real joy to work with, and her first book, All’s Fair in Lust & War, will be published by Harlequin® KISS™ in September this year. Trust me when I say: you’re in for a treat!

 Check out more of Amber’s story  on her blog, on Twitter as @amberpagewrites or follow #HarlequinKiss for more info!

Thanks, Clio–we’re excited to see what comes next!

8 replies on “What has Harlequin Editor Clio Cornish Been Acquiring?”

Congratulations Amber!
I want back through your blog’s archive to read the post where you wrote 30K in 5 days (+ that deleted 15K). Nuts! You’re certifiably nuts…
and officially one of my inspirations. xD (I wonder what that says about me. Hmm.)

I’ll keep an eye out for the debut this September. (That’d be a year since you sent in the first chapter, right?)

Thank you! I have gone on record as saying I will never pull one of those five-day stunts again… but I probably will. What can I say? I work well under pressure. 🙂

And yep, it’ll be a year. Which, holy cow, how did that happen? Time flies…especially when life is taking you in a direction you never expected to go!

Wow Amber – we are deadline sisters! I too ‘wrote the book in 5 days’ after getting through to the 2nd round of SYTYCW 13. An experience – let’s leave it at that. And we are also releases date sisters – my KISS debut is also out in September! I bet you feel as happy as me! Huge congrats Amber!!! xxx

Ha! I’m not the only one to procrastinate to death. That’s good to know! We will have to crack a bottle of virtual bubbly and toast ourselves in September!

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