Today’s Video: The Proofreaders of Harlequin

It takes a team of hard-working people to turn your manuscript into a finished book that can be enjoyed by thousands of readers. Today, take a fun “behind-the-scenes” peek at our great proofreading department, dedicated to catching every “oops”.

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Nerves of steel. I mean, it appears like a dream job to sit and read all day but I would be afraid of being so wrapped up in a manuscript, I would miss the errors myself. You would have to be really good not to overlook a mistake and in there lies the hard work. Hats off to you.

It’s really interesting to have a chance to see behind the scenes. Demonstrates how much
teamwork is involved in the publication of a Harlequin book. Great to know no proof readers were harmed in the production. Lol

I always wondered how this worked! Wow! Thank you for letting us see the proofreading department, and thank you to the proofreaders for making the books shine!

Looks like a dedicated team and a wonderful work environment. Thanks for letting us take a peek behind the scenes!

This was really neat to see how much thought goes into the editing process of a book. Makes me feel more confidant in becoming published someday. Hopefully soon. 🙂

Yes, your magical proofreaders have my applause. I proofed for fourteen years. I know how difficult it is and how errors slip by. As a result, typographical errors jump off the page when I read anything. So annoying. Thank you Harlequin proofers.

I smile every time I watch this video! But I also think about the great work that takes place both in copyediting and proofreading. We care so much about every book we publish and these folks keep us on our toes–finding and correcting grammar, mistakes and typos.

I love seeing behind the scenes in production. Thank you. Please keep up these snippets of “the process”. It makes the magic and sparkle of creating the story with pencil and paper into something more concrete.

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